Oracle Infinity

Data analytics & behavioural intelligence

Infinity is Oracle's data analytics-platform. Het helpt Big Data te gebruiken om je marketingprogramma's te versterken met concrete customer intelligence. Zo kan je de digitale customer journey in real-time optimaliseren en de klantervaring ze relevant en gepersonaliseerd mogelijk maken.


Why Oracle Infinity?

With more and more channels your customers are active on and the explosion of the number of contact points, the challenge of staying relevant in the content you serve is growing daily. And if you add the Internet of Things (IoT) in the mix, it gets even more complicated. 

Meanwhile, consumers become more aware of their power and expect you to communicate with them in a hyper-personalised way, while at the same time being worried that you ‘know them too much’. Big data allows you to build unique customer profiles in a respectful, privacy-friendly atmosphere where both the consumer and your brand will benefit.

The benefits of Oracle Infinity

Make big data work for you

Infinity gives marketers tools to utilise big data throughout the digital landscape, to get real-time insights into customer behaviour. Scalability and flexibility for capturing data allows you to grow with your data needs.

Analyse to make the right choices

Allow for advanced analytic possibilities for analysts and marketeers alike, with cross-channel insights and unified views on consumer data. Use the machine learning possibilities for predicting marketing strategy and tactics.

Integrate with Marketing Automation

Integrate the results of your analyses and prediction in your marketing automation infrastructure, for extreme personalisation, real-time recommendations and a tailored approach. Infinity connects with Oracle’s Eloqua as well as third-party solutions.

Robust technology

Based on the Hadoop ecosystem, Oracle Infinity brings you the power of collecting, processing, storing, interrogating and consuming large volumes of unstructured behavioural data.

Why Intracto?

Intracto is one of the biggest partners of Oracle in the Benelux, with proven expertise in implementing the solutions of the Oracle Marketing and Data Cloud. Our experts support you in the planning, integration and optimising of the implementation of your data strategy and the integration of Infinity into your marketing strategy.

Our Oracle Data Management Platform services

Audit and consultancy

Intracto can assist you in defining your strategy on how to employ Infinity’s data analytics platform to impact your marketing automation dialogue.


Based on your strategy, we implement Oracle Infinity from the very first set-up to the successful integration of the platform into your Marketing Automation landscape.

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