An excellent website, campaign, international e-commerce platform, web application or in-store interface or a mobile app, ... For each of these applications, we choose the best technology.

We have multi-disciplinary development teams that work with our strategists, creative people and digital marketing experts to get started. This way, we build platforms fully integrated in the full customer journey that send out the right message at the right time to strengthen the brand awareness.

Architecture and scalability

We like decoupled systems, white boxes, controle and scalability. The system architectures that we propose are based on these principles.

Service 24/7 

Our dedicated service and SRE team offers fast response time guarantees and proactive maintenance for both applications and infrastructure.

User experience

We integrate your brand identity, ensure a great user experience and an optimal speed, so your users reach their targets easily. Thanks to analytics and A/B testing we constantly optimise.


Drupal CMS

Drupal is the leading open source CMS, greatly suited for medium to large platforms. Because of the large amount of plugins available, Drupal is very customisable.


For custom work, Symfony Framework is our weapon of choice. Thanks to standardised developments we can reach a result faster. Whether it’s e-commerce, e-learning or in-store interfaces. 


The excellent integration of marketing automation features is perhaps Sitecore’s strongest asset. This integration makes it one of the most complete and easy to maintain suites for marketeers.


Fast, simple, temporary? Using our standard solutions in WordPress and Umbraco, we can deliver simple projects at the drop of a hat.

Integrated in management

Efficient platforms are well integrated with existing business processes and applications; ERP, CRM, BI, fulfilment, etc.

Continuous integration

Great web platforms are never still. Strongly automated deployment flows and tests allow us to continually improve our platforms.


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Proven experience

Clever digital marketing and platforms that help organisations grow.


  • Strategy
  • Service design
  • Multi-site
  • Drupal
  • Campaigning
  • Marketing
  • Development
  • Loyalty


  • Marketing
  • Online tools
  • Advertising


  • E-learning platform
  • Service design
  • Strategy

Ingersoll rand

  • Brand awareness
  • Customer profiling

Tech stack

We always pick the right tool for the job. And we're not afraid of leaving our comfort zone while doing so. Here's what's in our technology stack at the moment, but expect this list to expand.

Tech stack Intracto