68 websites – all at once

We developed a user-friendly website builder for the 68 Volvo dealerships in Belgium and Luxembourg, making sure dealers could work with both own and central content easily.

About Volvo

In 1927 the first ever Volvo rolled off the conveyor belt. Ever since, success finds the company, thanks in part to its ground breaking safety innovations. Volvo is now a world renowned brand with factories in Sweden, Belgium and China.

User-friendliness is a core value

The platform allows dealers to manage advanced features easily: SEO, taxonomies, delayed publication and de-publication.

Always in style, at home or on the road

Via a modular block system and a detailed corporate identity, we make sure the content is automatically integrated in the design, both on desktop and mobile. Making it so dealers can completely focus on the content.






An online presence to suit your pace

Volvo has lots of content material available centrally. Dealerships can use this to fill up their own platforms, but can also publish own content. The platform can switch up to suit the pace each dealership wants to work with.