A new level of E-learning

Using the online learning platform Sofia, by publisher Acco, lecturers and teachers can easily access interactive online study materials.


About Acco

Throughout the year, publishing house Acco develops and distributes study materials, professional literature and scientific publications in Belgium and the Netherlands. By organising events, such as study days and symposia, alongside publications, Acco brings the day to day knowledge to various professionals.

The digital classroom

The classical one-way communication model of learning in education (for example a teacher lecturing at the front of a class) is overhauled by Sofia into an interactive model, where students can cover the material at their own pace while being guided.

Lecturers can monitor the students’ progress via a comprehensive analytic application, which reports on the students’ engagement as well as absolute scores.

Interface design

The application interface is clear and flexible, without seeming intimidating. The focus is always the learning content. Within each topic, learning content is split up into logical, bite size pieces.

Technically, Sofia is a single-page app that combines back-end technologies with JavaScript-based front-end. Key tech: Symfony, Marionette, Backbone.js and Node.js.







Meet Sofia.

Create, teach and learn. Whether you’re an author, lecturer or student: Sofia is online learning as it should be.  Check the casevideo: