Growing together via e-commerce

Farmaline is an online pharmacy, active in more than 14 countries. The company focuses primarily on medicines, personal care products and nutritional supplements. Via the e-pharmacy, products can be purchased at any time and delivered to home. Farmaline works with an excellent online service via telephone, e-mail and chat.


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What we did:

  • E-commercewebsite
  • SEO
  • SEA
  • E-mailmarketing
Farmaline utilises an extremely user-friendly purchasing process and extensive, localized product information for the 14 countries where it is active.

Across borders

In order to make this e-commerce successful, we adapted various country-linked versions of the webshop to the cultural criteria per country. For example, the legislation related to SEA is not the same in every country.

Progress in all areas of e-commerce

Technological innovation

We love to make technological innovations. When it comes to such innovations, our priorities are in line with those of Farmaline. Together with them, we work continuously on the improvement of existing applications.

Scalable solutions

In order to properly handle the large volumes of data traffic that Farmaline must process, we work together with Amazon Web Services and others. We utilise the various types of clouds so that everything runs smoothly.

Farmaline welcomes many visitors to its websites daily and does so in more than 14 different countries. Carefully coordinating the cloud services allows everything to run as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Digital strategy

On a daily basis, Intracto is responsible for Farmaline's online marketing. This includes SEA, SEO, affiliate marketing and automated loyalty mails, among other things.

Intensive digital marketing policy

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In Intracto hebben we een partner gevonden die samen met ons vooruit wil. Dat is ook merkbaar aan het groeiend aantal landen waarin we met Farmaline actief zijn.

Lode FastreManaging Director Farmaline

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