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In a world in motion, everything is possible. As a digital agency, Intracto helps companies develop a competitive advantage in that world. With creativity and strategies, driven by online marketing and technology. Even when everything seems to stand still, we keep on moving.

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Take the lead when it comes to strategy, technology, marketing and content

Count on our digital agency's many in-house experts for all your digital needs. From branding strategies and marketing automation to creative campaigns, content that clicks and social media to innovative technologies that make a difference.

We combine expertise and creativity to achieve results beyond expectations. So tell us yours. Imagine tomorrow.


We work out the right strategy together. Always based on insights and figures. We help companies strategically seize opportunities created by digitization and changing markets to develop a competitive advantage.

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Online marketing

From lead nurturing via SEO, SEA and social media to remarketing and marketing automation: we put together the marketing mix that best fits the business objectives. This is how we turn your online marketing into a profit center.

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Your communication determines your brand identity. As a full-service digital agency, we help creatively shape and launch your brand through targeted campaigns. Via text, image or video and distributed via the right channels.

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Clear, inspiring, converting: content is the bridge between the brand and the target group. From web texts to videos, posts on social media and gated content such as white papers and webinars: content determines the brand identity. Our multilingual content team provides advice, planning and implementation of all content, digital or not.

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Volvo - Intracto - 68 websites in een klap Case


68 websites in one fell swoop

We developed a user-friendly website builder for the 68 branches of the Volvo dealer network in Belgium and Luxembourg, where dealers can quickly get started with both proprietary and centrally controlled content.



Rebranding and development

HAVEP’s specialised advisors will help you choose the right clothing. And we help HAVEP with its strategic choices in branding, content marketing, digital platforms, and B2B e-commerce.

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