An exquisite platform for future-proof e-commerce

Shopware is the platform par excellence for future-proof e-commerce. Thanks to the Symfony open source technology on which it is based, Shopware lends itself perfectly to customisation and adjustments in function of your specific business processes.


Why Shopware?

Shopware is a rising star in the land of e-commerce platforms. Since 2020, Shopware has also been included in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. The combination of tried-and-tested technology and extreme user-friendliness makes Shopware one of our favourite platforms for setting up e-commerce environments.

Shopware's biggest advantages

  • Partially open source
  • Flexible and easy to expand
  • User-friendly
  • Focused on the European market
  • State-of-the-art technology

Shopware offers the best of two worlds: a large set of ready-to-use functions on the one hand and a great deal of flexibility on the other. Thanks to the API-first approach, the system is completely ready for modern e-commerce via marketplaces, social media (e.g. Facebook & Instagram shops), chat- and voicebots, and so on.

Shopware's biggest strengths

Fast & modular

Shopware contains everything you need for your web shop. Thanks to Symfony's underlying open source technology, it is also easy to expand the platform with custom development if the existing plug-ins do not suffice.

Flexible licensing

Shopware is available in different flavours, including a free open source version. This makes the platform suitable for both starter webshops and enterprise B2B webshops.

Easy to use

Shopware is extremely powerful and flexible, but not at the expense of user-friendliness. Shopware is one of the most usable solutions we have ever seen, in terms of both back end and front end.

No vendor lock-in

Thanks to the large Shopware community, you are not dependent on a single supplier for the development of your platform. Intracto develops according to the Shopware conventions so that any transfer to or from another supplier is never a problem.

State-of-the-art technology

Shopware 6 has been using the latest technology standards since its launch in August 2020. It is PWA-ready and can be set up decoupled via an API.

Integrated CMS functionality

Build landing pages and SEO-optimised content for your e-commerce platform with the powerful drag & drop page builder. A must for every marketer.

Why Intracto?

Thanks to our years of experience with Symfony, Shopware's underlying technology, we effortlessly take your e-commerce project to the next level. We provide customisation to tailor your webshop perfectly to the specific needs of your company. What's more, we look beyond the technical aspect. Our Shopware platforms are set up in close consultation with our marketers for the best results. For example, we set up product feeds or link your webshop with marketplaces such as and Amazon.

Intracto's Shopware expertise

  • Official Shopware Solution Partner
  • Certified developers
  • Experienced in e-commerce, B2B, B2C en B2B2C
  • Symfony expertise
  • Combining strategy, development and marketing

Our Shopware services


We implement and configure Shopware down to the last detail. Where necessary, we link your e-commerce platform to your existing systems, such as ERP or PIM.


The Shopware ecosystem has many modules and extensions. If you want to mould the platform entirely to your own needs, you can count on the expertise of our developers.


Our support team continuously monitors the uptime, speed, security and other critical elements of your webshop. They take care of the maintenance of your e-commerce platform, 24/7.

Shopware hosting

Thanks to our extensive experience in hosting solutions for various technologies, we can recommend the right infrastructure for your platform, from the Shopware Cloud SaaS to local hosting in Belgium and the Netherlands or international networks such as Amazon AWS.

Shopware audits

Looking to improve your existing Shopware platform? We audit everything from architecture, performance and code quality to security. In addition to the audit results, we'll give you advice on how to quickly address any weaknesses.


We offer technical training as well as training for content and e-commerce managers in Shopware. These trainings can take place at your office or at one of our campuses.

Request a Shopware demo

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