Always count on proactive support

Technology is constantly evolving and requires constant adjustments. We provide uninterrupted proactive support, offer all infrastructure in-house and also keep the legal aspects of each platform up-to-date.

Evolve with today's technology

The launch of an online platform is the starting point of a fascinating long-term process. Where technology used to be static, it is now extremely dynamic.

  • Maintenance, security updates, extensions ... they are all fixed ingredients of modern online projects.
  • A sound service arrangement ensures long-term support for every project. This way it evolves smoothly with the technology.
  • Also remember the legal aspect, such as privacy and cookie conditions, GDPR compliance and so on.

Proactive support

Instead of waiting for questions, we anticipate potential issues and proactively monitor each platform, so that we can consult on possible interventions in a timely manner.

One point of contact

We provide a fixed point of contact for each project for all questions about extensions, updates and other support, in order to make communication as efficient as possible.

Legal expertise

Our legal team ensures that every platform is fully compliant with current legislation. They can also advise on other legal matters, for example for SLAs related to service agreements.

Maintenance & safety

We perform updates, install patches and check for any problems or malware so that our customers are completely relieved. All interventions are discussed in time and there is always a plan ready for emergencies.


We are always ready to take advantage of new opportunities and innovations. You can count on us to add new functionalities, implement additional modules, develop a redesign or prepare the platform for more traffic.

Full management

We manage the hosting, infrastructure, mailboxes and their security and provide other (technical) services. We offer all the infrastructure in-house, so that we are not dependent on external hosting parties, for example. This allows us to work faster and more efficiently.


Is something not entirely clear or is something wrong with the platform? We provide the necessary support for its use, add and manage content, but also resolve any bugs.

Available 24/7

True service never stops. Therefore, our team is available day and night to intervene in the event of an emergency, so that its impact can be minimised.

Time for solid support that offers peace of mind?

We'd be happy to help you realise your plans. Use this form to let us know what challenges you are facing and our experts will contact you quickly. Do you prefer to contact an Intracto campus near you by phone? You'll find all the details on our contact page.