Optimizely (Episerver)

Seamless integration of content, commerce and marketing

Optimizely (Episerver) is the only digital experience platform that integrates relevant content, commerce and marketing. This makes it possible to develop e-commerce applications where shopping experience goes hand in hand with customer experience. The result? Better conversion rates.


Why Optimizely (Episerver)?

Optimizely (Episerver) is a very complete and user-friendly CMS, extremely suitable for organisations with great ambitions and high demands on their experience. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, both experienced and new users can manage content efficiently. The CMS is fully geared to the marketing needs of organisations. For example, it enables marketers to manage both content and campaigns on the same screen.

Why Intracto?

As an Optimizely (Episerver) Silver Partner, Intracto is the perfect all-round partner for all your Optimizely (Episerver) projects. Together with you, our team looks at how Optimizely (Episerver) fits best within your organisation, thinks strategically with you and translates that strategy into the right practical implementation.

Intracto's Optimizely (Episerver)expertise

  • Optimizely (Episerver) Silver Partner
  • In-depth technical knowledge
  • Experience with large-scale Optimizely (Episerver) projects
Tailored in-depth partnerships

Companies with a well thought-out vision for the future are increasingly asking us for flexible forms of collaboration, with a focus on the long term. This aligns perfectly with how we prefer to work: not for _our customers, but _with our customers.

We rarely think in terms of projects, but always look for in-depth partnerships, where our experts form the missing pieces of the puzzle in your organisation. Together, we examine how their knowledge benefit your company the most: working from our campuses, as an extension of your team at your office, or a balanced combination of both.

Discover Optimizely (Episerver)'s versatility

User friendly CMS

Content management in Optimizely (Episerver) is very easy thanks to drag-and-drop forms, a WYSIWYG editor and the on-page editing functionality.

Experience driven commerce

Create a unique experience with built-in tools such as Email Marketing, Event Triggering, A/B testing and catalogue, customer and order management.

Intelligent campaigns

Optimizely (Episerver) Campaign allows you to easily create landing pages for campaigns and promotions that fit the customer journey.

Personalisation and optimisation

Test and personalise content within the publication flow without the need for developers.

Multiple sites, markets and locations

Unlimited sites (domains), currencies, locations and languages so you can manage all markets and brands in one place.

Powerful search

State-of-the-art product and content search function, which includes search suggestions, guided search and search-as-you-type.

Our Optimizely (Episerver) services


Our specialised Optimizely (Episerver) teams develop both simple and complex Optimizely (Episerver) projects. Short sprints ensure fast delivery and constant quality control.


Thanks to Optimizely (Episerver)'s Service API, we can easily integrate the platform with your (external) systems. From PIM to personalisation platform and from marketing automation software to a complete ERP.


Not sure which aspects of the Optimizely (Episerver) suite can offer added value for your organisation? Let's look at the possibilities together and put together the perfect package.


We do not limit you to a rigid template with a fixed structure, but give you the opportunity to build your own pages with a set of blocks.

Optimizely (Episerver) support

We maintain existing Optimizely (Episerver) platforms by providing technical support for updates, security checks, performance monitoring and more. Our support team is also available for content questions or guidance in using Optimizely (Episerver) as a content editor.

Optimizely (Episerver) audits

Would you like a full screening of your Optimizely (Episerver) platform? We audit in various domains such as architecture, performance, code quality & security and provide advice on solutions in addition to the results of the audit.

Get an Optimizely (Episerver) demo

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