Gaming generates interaction with which everyone wins

Online (browser) games are an interactive asset with two winners: your target audience and your brand. Not only does this relaxing moment of play ensure a positive brand experience for the participants, you can also collect valuable data to use later for additional communication purposes. Intracto has all the expertise under one roof - from competitions or playful training elements to original recruitment campaigns.

Collect data in an interactive way

Knowledge is an important condition, but the extra of Intracto is just in the heart of gaming. The men and women of our interactive studio are born with the controller in their hand and form a perfect mix of technical know-how and own gaming experience. They apply this double expertise every time to both visual design and technical elaboration. Made to play, but always with the focus on your campaign.

  • Not only the games are evolving quickly, the technology behind it is also advancing rapidly. Intracto is always with state-of-the-art technology and compatible concept ideas.
  • Gaming is a moment of relaxation that must be possible anytime and anywhere. That's why Intracto aims for the highest playability that works on any device.
  • To play, you must participate. Intracto ensures smooth encapsulation of your games in the total campaign.
  • Nothing is as pleasant as familiar. Also with games. With recognizable game concepts, Intracto lowers the threshold and increases the participation rate.
  • Boring is the culprit for the success of a game. Even to generate leads, people have to like to play. Intracto ensures fun and results.
  • A gaming classic with your brand? With branded lead generation, Intracto nestles your brand name in the hearts of gamers.


The interactive studio of Intracto always works with the most recent HTML5 Canvas techniques. Thanks to our strong focus on knowledge, they follow all evolutions closely and implement these new developments as soon as they are appropriate. For example, they work with the Phaser framework, which is also used by Disney, for example.

Works on every device

Thanks to their technical set-up, all our games work on any device and browser, without additional installations. In this way Intracto always guarantees an optimal user experience.

Games in campaigns

Intracto develops game concepts from A to Z, including integration into campaigns. We ensure one efficient and smooth flow - from design and technical implementation to the umbrella campaign site and the collection of leads.

Made by gamers The men and women of our interactive studio form a perfect mix of expertise to develop original, modern concepts into valuable content. We have the top in-house in terms of both the visual design and the technical elaboration. They are real gamers, who always keep the focus on the goal of your campaign.

Recognizable concepts

By building variations on classic games, Intracto removes the threshold for users to participate. That recognisability also has a positive influence on the brand.

Fun to play

Although lead generation is often the underlying goal, Intracto also puts gaming fun high on the list of priorities. This way the user's attention is retained for longer.

Branded leadgeneration

You don't always have to reinvent the wheel, although Intracto is also open to that. We are happy to convert the real arcade classics into branded lead generation tools that users can use right away.

Discover the assets of interactive content.

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