Drupal CMS - Both for simple websites and complex web platforms

Intracto has been developing websites in Drupal since 2011. With more than 100 Drupal developers, it is one of the most specialised Drupal companies in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Open source & user friendly

Drupal CMS is an open source content management system in which both simple small websites and large web platforms and mobile applications can be developed and managed.

Drupal is scalable, easy to use and has many possibilities (modules) thanks to the active community of which Intracto is also a part of.

Did you know that for example the websites of eBay inc, Tesla Motors, Warner Bros. were all developed in Drupal?

Drupal & Intracto? 

Drupal 8 certified grand master
Drupal 8 certified grand master
Drupal Association member
Drupal Association member
Drupal 8 certified site builder
Drupal 8 certified site builder
Drupal 8 certified front end specialist
Drupal 8 certified front end specialist
Drupal 8 certified developer
Drupal 8 certified developer
Drupal 8 certified back end specialist
Drupal 8 certified back end specialist
  • 100+ Drupal experts
  • Drupal since 2011
  • 250 Drupal projects
  • Drupal Community member
  • Development & support
  • Locations in Belgium (Antwerp, Herentals) and the Netherlands ('s Hertogenbosch)

The benefits of Drupal

Fast and modular

Drupal has more than 8,000 modules available, which means it covers the most diverse requirements. By cleverly combining these modules, we can offer customised solutions.

No license fees

Drupal is an open source content management system. This means that everyone can use the CMS for free, without having to pay license fees.

Easy in use

Thanks to multiple editors and an extensive role and rights system, we can perfectly configure the Drupal back office for each webmaster or administrator. Text management becomes as simple as in your familiar Word environment.

No vendor lock-in

A worldwide Drupal community (also in Belgium and the Netherlands) means no dependence on one supplier. Intracto develops according to the Drupal conventions so that any transfer to another supplier is no problem.

Drupal Community

The Drupal community is constantly on the move. There is a lot of cooperation, new technologies are applied quickly and there is an active policy in the field of safety and quality. Intracto actively contributes to the Drupal community.

Perfect performance

Drupal has a caching optimisation so that pages do not have to be reloaded every time. This makes the performance very good. After all, a fast website provides a better user experience.

How can we help you with Drupal?

Drupal development

We develop both simple and complex Drupal projects in specialised Drupal teams. Short sprints ensure quick delivery and constant quality monitoring.

Drupal Support

We take care of the maintenance of existing Drupal platforms by offering technical support for updates, security checks, performance monitoring, etc. Our support is also available for substantive questions or guidance when using Drupal as a webmaster. And that 24/7.

More about our 24/7 support

Drupal consultancy

Looking for a reinforcement of your existing development team? Or need extra help on a specific domain within Drupal? Thanks to a team of more than 80 Drupal specialists, we have strong in depth knowledge to support you in specific challenges.

Drupal audits

The full screening of a Drupal platform? We audit in various domains such as architecture, performance, code quality and security and provide advice on solutions in addition to audit results.

Drupal hosting

Together, we investigate which Drupal hosting is the most suitable. This can be done via local infrastructure in Belgium and the Netherlands or via international networks such as Amazon AWS. Through extensive experience in speed, performance, security and scalability, we can offer the right infrastructure and 24/7 support.

Drupal training

Looking for a tailored Drupal training? We offer both technical and training courses for content managers in Drupal. They can take place both in-company and on one of our campuses.

They already chose Drupal at Intracto

8 years of experience with Drupal | More than 250 projects in Drupal | More than 100 Drupal experts

Drupal website voor Brussels Airport
Multi-site in Drupal voor Knauf Insulation
Dealerplatform in Drupal voor Volvo
Drupalsite Materialise
Drupal site Agilitas
Dewale vastgoed kiest Drupal
Multi-site voor De Voorzorg
Havep Drupal site logo

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