For a faster, safer platform

The security and performance of online platforms are essential. Cloudflare guarantees both. A fast and secure platform ensures an optimal user experience. Count on Intracto's Cloudflare expertise to implement the right services on any platform.


Why Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is the reference in terms of online security and performance for online platforms. Choosing from a wide range of services such as DDOS protection, an AI-powered anti-bot system, load balancers and much more, we determine which service is useful for each individual platform. And with easy and intuitive set-up, services are implemented quickly.

Why Intracto?

As an official Cloudflare partner, Intracto knows how to align the possibilities of Cloudflare with each specific situation. Whether the focus is on security or performance, we provide the right advice and the best implementation. Do the needs change? Then we'll switch quickly. All Cloudflare services can easily be added at any time and flow seamlessly into each other.

Intracto's Cloudflare expertise

  • Official Cloudflare partner
  • Security and performance experts
  • In-depth experience with a wide range of technologies

Cloudflare's strengths

Complete offering

Whatever your security or performance needs, Cloudflare has a solution. For both small and large enterprises, and scalable to every budget.

Simple setup

All Cloudflare services can be easily integrated into any online platform by our experts. This way, we guarantee a perfect setup.

Quick to deploy

The various Cloudflare services can be deployed quickly, even if your platform is under attack. You can add or remove services at any time.

Tailored in-depth partnerships

Companies with a well thought-out vision for the future are increasingly asking us for flexible forms of collaboration, with a focus on the long term. This aligns perfectly with how we prefer to work: not for _our customers, but _with our customers.

We rarely think in terms of projects, but always look for in-depth partnerships, where our experts form the missing pieces of the puzzle in your organisation. Together, we examine how their knowledge benefit your company the most: working from our campuses, as an extension of your team at your office, or a balanced combination of both.

Get a Cloudflare demo

Would you like to know more about Cloudflare's possibilities? Make an appointment with our experts today and we'll show you how you can benefit from all of Cloudflare's features.