Universal Content Management

Looking for a universal content management system? A user-friendly system that allows teams to work together efficiently and creatively and makes the centralised content available on all channels? Then censhare is the perfect choice. With extensive functionalities for CMS (Content Management System), PIM (Product Information Management) and DAM (Digital Asset Management), censhare is the tool of choice to manage content and assets centrally and share them globally across every channel, online and offline.


Why censhare?

Censhare allows you to store and manage your content and assets in a central location, regardless of the channel and language you want to use. This means you spend less time on content administration so you can focus on what really matters: creating engaging content and unique customer experiences. Did you know that censhare is the only platform that supports CMS, PIM and DAM?

The power of censhare

  • No more content silos
  • CMS, PIM, DAM or a combination
  • Strong and flexible APIs
  • Marketing Project Planning
  • Headless CMS
  • Flexibility

Censhare allows you to collaborate efficiently with different teams from a single platform in a user-friendly environment, allowing you to focus on creativity and productivity. Content and assets are created once and then published on any channel, in the right form for that channel. This way, you avoid errors and your content is always accurate and up-to-date. Censhare is open to all types of content, data models, sources and marketing channels.

Why Intracto?

From defining the strategy to rolling out and supporting the solution, our consultants and developers are ready to support you. Thanks to our privileged links with the censhare organisation, we can guarantee a perfect approach to your project and the implementation of censhare in your organisation.

Intracto's censhare expertise

  • Censhare partner
  • From strategy to execution
  • SMBs and large corporations
Tailored in-depth partnerships

Companies with a well thought-out vision for the future are increasingly asking us for flexible forms of collaboration, with a focus on the long term. This aligns perfectly with how we prefer to work: not for _our customers, but _with our customers.

We rarely think in terms of projects, but always look for in-depth partnerships, where our experts form the missing pieces of the puzzle in your organisation. Together, we examine how their knowledge benefit your company the most: working from our campuses, as an extension of your team at your office, or a balanced combination of both.

Our censhare services


Our consultants give you the advice you need and assist you in making the right choices for your organisation.


Correct advice is of course followed by perfect execution. Our developers guarantee a correct implementation, in cooperation with censhare.


In order to make optimal use of the power of censhare, good training is indispensable. Our trainers are ready to provide tailor-made training.

Product and module selection

In addition to the various products (CMS, PIM, DAM), censhare also offers a number of modules. We help you make the right choices.

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