Expand your growth potential with technical audits

Is your technical architecture ready for digital growth? An audit gives you insight into the quality, health and growth potential of your technical ecosystem. This way, you immediately know in which areas you need to make adjustments in order to be ready for the future.

Map your technical debt

Every company that's serious about its growth ambitions, digital or otherwise, must take technical realities into account. Technical debt or the "shit of yesterday", as Peter Hinssen calls it in one of his books, is an important factor in your opportunities for growth. A technical audit gives you insight into the quality of the:

  • technical architecture;
  • security and GDPR application;
  • speed and performance;
  • user experience;
  • scalability;

Our technical audits

Technology audits

Technology is evolving constantly, which is exactly why you should subject your own ecosystem to a critical inspection on a regular basis. Are the technologies you use ready for the future or are technical legacy problems bound to arise? Our experts check how up-to-date and reliable your systems are and whether they are sufficiently flexible and scalable to support and even accelerate the further growth of your company.



Ecommerce audits

Results-oriented audits help to fully map and fine-tune your ecommerce approach, outlining both quick wins and a long-term battle plan. Technically and content-wise, we examine to what extent your business plan is being put into practice, where you are in relation to your competitors and how you can strengthen your position.



Attracting quite a few visitors to your website already? Then start optimising their user experience before you spend more money on ads that lure even more visitors to your platform. By removing obstacles on the site, you ensure that a visitor can convert with as few clicks as possible. That way, you're sure those extra visitors also yield some money. During a conversion optimisation audit, we benchmark your site with web standards and provide a concrete, tailor-made action plan.

The right technologies for your strategy

Technology is always a means, never an end. To keep your digital growth at top speed, a good technical architecture and execution are essential, but it is equally important that both are aligned with your strategy. Is the necessary data available via APIs? Can you show the right data in real-time to the customer at the right time in the customer journey? Or conversely, is there available data left unused in the current touchpoints and journeys? Our strategists will help you see the full picture and make adjustments where necessary.

An independent technology audit?

Would you like to know if your technical architecture and digital ecosystem are ready for the future? Our experts are ready to carry out an independent audit. Fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.