Good web applications save time and money

Web applications speed up the operation of companies. We create internal portals to automate processes, provide e-learning platforms to accelerate growth processes and develop configurators and games to give users a unique experience.

Web applications provide an overview

By linking the right data streams together, major steps can be taken in the field of business intelligence. Web applications provide insight into the linked data:

  • Support important decisions with facts, predict trends and anticipate.
  • A flexible web app leaves room for extensions when needs change.
  • Device-independent applications ensure that data is always available.
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The right technology for every application: that is the mantra of our extensive development team.


Onboarding processes, expanding competencies and more: e-learning is a highly efficient way to expand the knowledge of colleagues and customers. With tailor-made tools, growth trajectories progress even faster.


We build online product configurators so that the customer can assemble his product the way he wants, when he wants it. In 2D or 3D, from stamps with their own design to complete verandas.

Online games

Our interactive studio develops games with the latest technology for flawless operation in all browsers and on all devices. Use browser games for competitions, as a playful training element or as part of an original recruitment campaign.


Web applications are the perfect solution for an intranet or portals to make internal operation run more smoothly. The goals of the company are always paramount.

Experience is an asset

Our smart, user-friendly applications improve the operation of companies and thus save time and money. We also use our experience with internal platforms and data linking ourselves for business intelligence in detail.

Customized learning platform For publisher Acco we are developing the online learning platform Sofia, which is used at various universities and colleges. Authors work directly in the user-friendly tool and teachers can follow the performance of their students in detail. Sofia provides interactive learning paths that promote both motivation and knowledge acquisition. The platform is also perfectly suitable for business environments.
Online leerplatform Sofia
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