Set the right tone with an optimal user experience

A good user experience is the best glue between a brand and (potential) customers. We ensure a consistent brand experience in all interactions with the user, from the look & feel of the various platforms, to the content and the communication between brand and customer.

UX determines your reputation

The user experience on different channels has a major impact on your reputation. Therefore make sure that not only the content but also the user experience (UX) is based on the customer journey of the target group:

  • User experience is about how something works, how something feels, how something is structured.
  • So, UX goes from the information architecture and the user interface (UI) to the content itself. Consider, for example, the importance of microcopy: the two words on a button can make an enormous difference in terms of UX.
  • Take into account a mix of elements such as interaction design, the functional operation, the visual aspect and the content.

Ideation & prototyping

We design, make prototypes and test design concepts to ensure that users achieve their goals smoothly.

Online and offline

It is important to provide the customer with an optimal experience throughout the entire customer journey and at all important touch points, both online and offline.

Information architecture

After a thorough analysis, we determine which elements must be given a place on the platform. The goal is always that visitors can easily find the information they are looking for, at the place they expect.

Visual design

We approach the development and maintenance of user interfaces in a systematic way. This way, we ensure that the interface communicates both the brand values and reinforces the UX.

Content governance

Motion & video, VR, AR, copywriting: content comes in many forms, so optimal organisation is essential. We ensure that all content is used effectively and efficiently.

Interaction design

We design interactions between users and products. The most important thing is that the user achieves his goal as simply as possible, something we test on the basis of detailed prototypes.

Usability research

Through usability research we learn how visitors experience the platform and we make recommendations for optimisation.


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