Purpose marketing, building impact

Purpose marketing or CSR: more and more companies are thinking about their impact on society. The right approach is crucial for successful purpose marketing and that's why we would like to help you with your project.

Why purpose marketing?

Not a day goes by that you watch the news without hearing something about climate change and its imminent consequences. In addition, there is a younger generation that thinks it's only logical that you look at your business from a social or ecological perspective.

Companies that enter into a transition to reduce their negative impacts and focus more on green products or fair supply chains are often rewarded with a strong reputation and favourable business results. In addition, companies with purpose, a social purpose, are increasingly making positive headlines. The subject is gaining in importance every day.

What is purpose marketing?

You can make your brand or company future fit from different angles. From digital, from customer centricity, from technology, but also from social issues that are exist today and in the future.

One of the first attempts to define purpose marketing was made by Hsu (2017). According to their vision, purpose marketing not only encompasses all CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities of brands, but goes beyond that. Purpose is an ideal anchored in a brand and actively pursued.

Purpose marketing or CSR? Purpose marketing draait niet om wat je doet, maar waarom je het doet. Het gaat om meer dan winst alleen, om de waarde die je als onderneming aan de maatschappij toevoegt. CSR (corporate social responsibility) of MVO (maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen) zijn vaak uitgangspunten voor je purpose marketing.

How do you start with purpose marketing?

In addition to the functional and emotional elements in a brand positioning, more and more companies are looking for a social positioning. But where do you start? Someone who assists you as a sparring partner, links marketing and communication to your actions and draws up an action plan together with your company can make the difference.

Intracto has expertise in various domains and, in collaboration with you, takes the first steps towards social growth in your company. This is how you start with purpose marketing:

Would you like to know more about the positive impact of a pioneering role in society?

Download our CSR expert Hans's whitepaper and read why and how you can be socially responsible in an impactful way.

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Inspirational sessions

What is happening in the world and your sector in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR)? Together, we'll look at the trends and opportunities that can contribute to a social positioning for your company. Learn from charities, social enterprises and large companies that are successful with corporate social responsibility and CSR communication in and outside your sector.

Talk purpose and find out what works

Get acquainted with concepts such as sustainability, CSR, impact, ESG, social enterprises, SDGs, 3 Ps, triple bottom line, integrated reporting, impact measurement, transparency benchmarks, SASB, SROI ... What works and what doesn't work in purpose marketing? Together we'll look at known and less known examples. There are also risks to purpose marketing. Learn from the latest research and examples.

Purpose strategy

How does your brand deal with social issues? What are the expectations of your stakeholders? Who are your stakeholders? And what do you want to achieve yourself? What are you already doing? Together we will look for social objectives that fit the identity of your company or brand.

In addition, we are looking at which main negative effects you could reduce and which positive effects you could enhance. What are business risks and opportunities? What are you going to do yourself and what are you looking for partners for? We will work out a strategy that goes hand in hand with your communication plan.

Purpose marketing in action

Time for action! By means of a clear social positioning you make the purpose of your company clear. After that, it is important to include employees, customers and possibly other stakeholders in your purpose story. Actions can be very diverse and companies start with CSR in different ways.

Astrid Leyssens, CSR-stratege bij Intracto

Want to get acquainted?

Our CSR expert Hans is the sparring partner for your purpose challenges. By linking his knowledge of creation, strategy and digital applications to social strategy, he also helps your company to contribute to positive social growth.

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Marketing, communication and partnerships

Sometimes we look at things that do not affect the business model itself, but that have more to do with material matters such as green energy, solar panels, use of coffee mugs ... In this way, various negative effects are reduced. In a subsequent action phase, "green or social" products and services are added to the range or portfolio. For this, marketing and communication are important.

Often, partnerships are also entered into with start-ups, social enterprises or charities to increase your social relevance. Ultimately, your company is organised in such a way that the larger the company, the smaller a social problem becomes. A company builds, as it were, a company that is ready for the future, in which purpose is integrated into the whole enterprise or brand experience. Communication is very important in order to achieve your goal.

Peter Hinssen spreekt op Intracto

Imagine tomorro_

Intracto always thinks in terms of the future. Our slogan Imagine tomorro_ not only stands for innovation in the digital field, but also for growth and innovation on the social level.

From identifying good causes to communicating initiatives internally and externally, we help build the future of your company.

Meet with our CSR specialists

Looking for the right approach for your brand or company? Or need more information about purpose marketing or CSR? Our experts would be happy to help you.