Increase the quality of leads with e-CRM

Efficiently generating, identifying and profiling online leads to a higher conversion rate. We bring knowledge and tools to the table to convert prospects with advertising, content and data analysis into customers.

Get more out of your marketing budget with e-CRM

By linking the right lead generation strategy to a substantiated marketing approach with good content and data analysis, the right target group is always reached, no matter how small. We support the entire process:

  • Identify the target group correctly.
  • Capture the effective users of your digital channels (intentional audience).
  • The constant enrichment of the profiles of that intentional audience.
  • Lead the audience further through the customer journey with lead nurturing.
  • Lead scoring, to optimise the cooperation between marketing and sales.
  • Use detailed data on conversions to predict which profiles will be converted.
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We are proud of our partnerships with leading tools that help us make the most of our potential.

Effective target group reach

We identify the target group, no matter how small and create awareness for each brand. With solid content and targeted advertising through various channels.

Intentional audience

We map out which users interact with messages and advertisements that send brands, identify leads and build their profile.

Progressive profiling

Through remarketing and marketing automation, we constantly enrich the profile of leads and form a detailed picture of who is interested in what companies have to offer.


Based on detailed user profiles, we use lead scoring to determine which leads have the highest lifetime value (LTV) and which have a lower one. We divide the target group into segments and work out a specific strategy for each of those segments.

Lead nurturing

By matching content and advertisements to each segment, we ensure an optimal spread of the budget based on the chance of conversion. Each segment receives the right messages through lead nurturing to be guided as smoothly as possible through the rest of the customer journey.

Predict behaviour

One of our major assets is our data analytics team. Based on the behaviour of converting leads, they will identify lookalikes and, with less effort, stimulate conversions even faster.

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