Perfect communication with a content strategy

Invest in a content strategy to reach target groups with a greater chance of success. We help to draw up a plan and ensure the right content.

Help customers get started with the right message

A content strategy determines how customers are helped during their customer journey. Determine the touch points and the message for each contact:

  • Analyse the needs of visitors throughout the customer journey.
  • Provide the right solutions for their problems with help, hub and hero content.
  • Guide them through the customer journey with substantiated content marketing.
  • Ensure an optimal user experience throughout the funnel.

Customer journey

We provide insight into the customer journey of every target audience. Who are potential customers, what are they looking for and how can we reach them as efficiently as possible?

Information architecture

We help to organise both existing and new content so that the goals are achieved as efficiently as possible. We determine that architecture by mapping the content and content gaps together on the customer journey of the target group.

Audit of existing content

We make a clear overview of the existing content, folders that are on the customer journey and see where it fits into the content strategy. Can certain content be reworked or expanded or, for example, also score in a different format as video?

Competitive analysis

We start from our own strength, but by zooming in on the competition we map out where their strengths and weaknesses lie. Based on this analysis, we formulate answers to their strengths and draw up plans to achieve a leading position across the entire spectrum.

Strategy & execution

Count on our strong content team, which tackles every project from strategy to implementation and follow-up. With extensive experience for national and international customers, from SMEs to large companies.

Strategen aan het werk bij Intracto

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