A brand strategy that creates impact

Brand strategy is about realising ambitions and making the brand relevant to the target group. Both the strategy and its implementation determine the brand value, whether it is the launch of a new brand or a fresh start of an existing brand.

Brand strategy determines the brand value

In this age of hyperpersonalisation, the challenge is even greater to come across as credible to different target groups. One consumer mainly wants the lowest price, while the other just puts sustainability first:

  • Brand strategy determines the impact that a brand must have on society and what role it must play locally or internationally.
  • Find the right balance between emotion and reason.
  • Create a clear brand image for the target group to strengthen the impact of your communication.

Increase impact

A sound and well-executed brand strategy ensures more efficient communication. This increases brand awareness and increases the impact of groceries.

Bridge between customer and brand

The consumer is over-stimulated and often has no love for brands. We look at brands through the eyes of the consumer and bridge the gap with our own brand vision.

Consistent brand experience

The brand experience must be the same in all communications. From UX to videos to posters and social media. We ensure that everything fits together properly.

A/B testing

A/B testing helps to test the brand strategy against the image that the consumer has and to adjust the brand strategy.

Offline = online

Don't think in boxes, but ensure a strategic vision. The customer is hybrid today, both offline and online. We connect all those contacts without friction or better yet: let them seamlessly merge into one another.

Unknown is unloved

If two companies conduct the same online marketing campaign, there will always be one winner: the company with the highest brand value. That is why we provide a strategic plan to be targeted with the target group.

Experienced brand builders with vision

Our brand strategists have extensive experience in launching, relaunching and (re)positioning brands. Additionally, they can count on a strong internal team that consistently translates the brand strategy across all touch points. Creative specialists who bring the emotional charge and a marketing team that reaches the target group cost-efficiently through the right channels.

Strategen aan het werk bij Intracto

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