Security audits and online performance

Substantive and technical audits indicate where there is room for improvement. We combine audits with broader research and identify the domains with the most growth potential. Based on these insights, we develop a substantiated strategy to get you started immediately.

Growing based on audits

Audits are the perfect starting point for a successful digital transformation, supplemented with market research and research in other relevant domains such as UI and UX. Audits and research offer added value in various areas:

  • Analyse existing platforms, apps and other digital channels to identify areas for improvement.
  • Research the current content to uncover content gaps.
  • Find opportunities for, for example, the marketing budget based on current results.
  • Set priorities and quick wins for a great start.


The limitlessness of the internet also involves risks. We check whether platforms are secure and whether the user data is sufficiently protected.


A social media audit shows whether the invested budget delivers enough and how the content can perform even better.

GDPR and legal

The rise of the GDPR meant a new chapter for online privacy. Our legal department checks whether GDPR-compliant work is being carried out and what needs to be done in order to comply fully with current legislation.

SEO: technical

Strong content is important, but that content must also appear in the search results. We also optimise the technical aspect of SEO (search engine optimization).

SEO: content

We optimise the structure and content of content based on relevant keywords, so that your pages end up high in the search results.


We investigate the efficiency of the advertising budget in search engines and adjust where better results can be achieved. We also provide tailored content advice, whether it concerns copy, images, keywords or targeting.

Marketing automation

Via automation and scenarios, we avoid repetitive marketing tasks and we make hyper-personalised communication possible via platforms such as HubSpot, SharpSpring and Selligent.

In-depth research

In addition to internal processes, tools and assets, the wider context is also very important for a well-founded strategy. We conduct targeted market research and also look at UI, UX, content and conversion in our research.

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