Get more out of your digital strategy with an audit

Content and technical audits indicate where there is room for improvement. We combine audits with broader research to identify the areas with the most growth potential. Based on these insights, we develop a well-founded strategy to get started immediately. Always with the client in mind and the uniqueness of your company as a guideline.

A long-term digital growth strategy

In order to take the right steps in your company's digital growth strategy, it is important to have a clear view of where you are now. Whether you're planning a further digital transformation, a digital acceleration or a shift to more digital order intake, our experts and strategists are ready to show you the full picture. 

A strategic audit tells you:

  • how your overall online presence scores;
  • where you stand compared to your competitors;
  • what opportunities there are in terms of digital transformation and service design;
  • how well you score in terms of customer experience;
  • ...

Strategic audits help you grow

Ecommerce audits

Results-oriented audits help to fully map and fine-tune your ecommerce approach, outlining both quick wins and a long-term battle plan. Technically and content-wise, we examine to what extent your business plan is being put into practice, where you are in relation to your competitors and how you can strengthen your position.

Digital strategy

How's your online presence? We check how 'findable' you are and what your online image is. Are all your channels well attuned to each other, do you have Google My Business in order, which reviews about your company come up ...? The result of this audit is a practical action plan that helps you consolidate your online presence in the short term.


Competition benchmark

This action-oriented benchmark gives you a clear picture of the relationship between your company and your main competitors. You'll immediately see what position you occupy in the ranking of your online presence and receive concrete advice on how you can improve that ranking - or maintain your leading position - in both the short and long term.

UX audits

In a UX audit, our experts look for ways to improve the user experience on your platform. Visitors should be able to achieve their goals on the site as friction-free as possible, with as few clicks as possible. We check if your service design matches the customer journey. The result of a UX audit is a report that helps you improve usability and therefore your conversion rate.

Data audits

Qualitative data is essential for making well-founded business decisions. A data audit examines what data is collected, where the data is stored and what is done with it. We also carry out a GDPR check to check whether everything is done in accordance with the applicable privacy rules and list all recommendations in a clear report.

Customer centricity

Is the customer really at the heart of your marketing strategy? Based on the customer journey we scrutinise all touchpoints on all communication channels and see what steps you can take in terms of service design and customer centricity.

Digital transformation audits

Digitisation and automation provide efficiency gains. We expose the opportunities that lie ahead when (further) digitising your business model. Both pragmatic in the short term and in the long term. From automating repetitive processes to a 100% digital order intake.

Strategic audit

In addition to internal processes, tools and assets, the broader context is also very important for a well-founded strategy. We conduct targeted market research and take a look at UI, UX, content and conversion in our research.

Specialist audits

Content audits

Your content is the direct link to your target group. We check if your content answers their questions and map out content gaps. Our multilingual copywriters ensure the right tone of voice and structure of your copy.

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Marketing audits

Audits are important to see if your marketing efforts are achieving the desired results and how they can be made even better. How can you improve ROI, which opportunities are missing and which campaigns are performing well?

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Technical audits

Do you want to know if your technical architecture and digital ecosystem are ready for the future? Gain insight into the quality of your technical architecture, speed, performance and, of course, user experience.

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