Our stack

On this page, we list some of our most used technologies. Technologies that help us turn our customers' goals into reality. Count on our independent advice and dedicated teams with in-depth knowledge to make your project a success.


Looking for a universal content management system? A user-friendly system that allows teams to work together efficiently and creatively and makes the centralised content available on all channels? Then censhare is the perfect choice.


The security and performance of online platforms are essential. Cloudflare guarantees both. A fast and secure platform ensures an optimal user experience. Count on Intracto's Cloudflare expertise to implement the right services on any platform.

Drupal stack overview Intracto

Intracto has been developing websites in Drupal since 2011. With more than 100 Drupal developers, it is one of the most specialised Drupal companies in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Optimizely (Episerver)

Optimizely (Episerver) is the only digital experience platform that integrates relevant content, commerce and marketing. This makes it possible to develop e-commerce applications where shopping experience goes hand in hand with customer experience. The result? Better conversion rates.


Shopware is the platform par excellence for future-proof e-commerce. Thanks to the Symfony open source technology on which it is based, Shopware lends itself perfectly to customisation and adjustments in function of your specific business processes.


Sitecore allows you to manage your content the way you want it. Intracto offers website development and integration services for this .NET based CMS, seamlessly combining content, personalisation, e-commerce and workflows.


Umbraco, also known as the friendly CMS, is the most user-friendly CMS on the market. It is fully customised, search engine friendly and suitable for any graphic design. Moreover, Umbraco is supported by all modern browsers. This makes it extremely suitable to contribute to your online success.


WordPress is a user-friendly and versatile CMS for building beautiful content websites. Thanks to the large ecosystem of plug-ins and themes you can quickly set up complete systems, but customisation is also perfectly possible.