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Website development van gebruiksvriendelijke Drupal CMS websites bij Intracto Whitepaper
Serverless functions as a service

The Big 3 - Azure, AWS and Google - all support Functions as a Service (FaaS), but they do so in their own way. Therefore, writing provider agnostic functions without a predetermined framework becomes very complex. In this white paper, we’ll specify the differences between providers when it comes to working with JavaScript-based (or Typescript-based) FaaS. 

Learn about the different aspects of HTTP Requests, FaaS Lifecycle, the Serverless Inc. Framework and more by downloading the white paper.

whitepaper-influencer-header Whitepaper
How to win the battle for the consumer

Any B2C organisation needs to be able to provide its customers with this kind of communication strategy. Indeed, your consumers demand it and will defect to your competitors if you are not able to engage with them with relevant content on the channels they are present on. Marketing automation will enable you to be present where your contact is and will help you to scale your marketing proposal strategy to the masses.

header-seo-checklist-intracto Whitepaper
SEO checklist: how does your site rate?

(whitepaper in dutch) This SEO checklist is a simple but effective method to evaluate a website. Thanks to this checklist you will find out how a website scores on SEO and where there are possibilities for improvement. By doing so you can also easily compare different (competing) websites to check whether a platform is doing better or worse.

Dokter noteert. Whitepaper
E-detailing in the life sciences

In this crowded and competitive environment amidst reduced budgets, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies must resort to new strategies to significantly improve the efficiency of their direct-to-physician marketing initiatives. As such, e-detailing came fully into effect.

whitepaper-omnichannel-marketing Whitepaper
Omnichannel Marketing

Consumers are non-stop online and constantly looking for information about products or services they want to purchase. This implies that the focus is no longer on the product, but on the consumer. But how can you put the consumer first and still be profitable? Read this whitepaper and you will know the answer!

whitepaper-customer-journey Whitepaper
Creating impactful customer journeys

Marketers today understand very well that the customer buying process is not as linear any more as it used to be considered. Buyers have more ways to interact with brands than ever before, and the focus has shifted from getting people into a brand’s funnel to delivering an exceptional customer experience.