CRM solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Veeva enables and enforces Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) engagement thanks to its Closed-Loop Marketing (CLM) module. With Veeva CLM, your sales team can easily engage in face-to-face as well as remote calls with their physicians using content and applications they are familiar with, through seemless integration within your existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System.


How can Veeva help your business?

Thanks to Veeva CLM, you ensure your business complies with the best practices in the pharmaceutical industry. Whether you are a brand M-manager, a sales representative, a system administrator or a content implementator, Veeva is the best solution for a full digitalisation of your business processes.

  • Veeva CRM organises your clients, calls, key messages and other account related information in a way that empowers your customer relationship.
  • With Veeva Approved Email and Vault, you securely manage documents and interact with your audience through customisable 1/1 emails.
  • Finally, Veeva Engage enables sales teams to remotely interact with Healthcare Professionals. While face-to-face meetings are not always possible, Veeva CRM Engage empowers HCPs’ digital engagement by joining the best of both worlds.

Why Intracto?

As a Veeva certified content provider, Intracto is a key partner in the implementation of the Veeva modules and ecosystem, including administrative and technical support of Veeva CLM, Approved Email, Vault and Engage. Additionally, we deliver extensive experience with technical integration and implementation of applications within the Veeva platform, enabling rich and interactive applications to be efficiently delivered to your sales teams.

Beyond being a Veeva Content Partner for many years, we also combine our unique expertise with other CRM and marketing automation platforms, including Salesforce and Eloqua. As such, we can deliver a level of service that addresses the complete digitalisation process within your company, ensuring all aspects and technical challenges are taken into account. Our expertise with Veeva enabled strong and continuous relationships with key industry players, including Johnson & Johnson, Boehringer Ingelheim, MSD, etc.

How can we help you?

Customer excellence

We can audit your internal processes and outline the best possible solution for each stakeholder and application user.


Technical integration

We can map your current technical environment and propose an approach that takes your business requirements into account, but also the proposed customer excellence audit. We can also organise technical compliance with the company IT department.

Training & education

We can fully train the users based on their role and function and make sure they take the best out of their tools and applications.


Delivering next-generation Veeva detail aids through Veeva and Salesforce API

With our unique expertise with Veeva, Salesforce and other CRM and marketing automation platforms, we can deliver powerful, automated and fully integrated applications within your ecosystem. As a result, you can activate your touchpoints more efficiently and accurately, while easing the workload for your employees and partners, decreasing the risk of error and poor quality of data.


For example, our methodology enables secure connections to 3rd party systems and platforms through the implementation of REST API. This approach, combined with the power of Veeva and (optionally) Salesforce, makes it possible to get the most out of your application. 

Moreover, we can implement best practices in data prioritisation, retention and recovery as well as our optional backend framework, so that your local data is never lost in case the iPad running the Veeva application does not have an Internet connection available immediately or during the call. 

This scenario can typically happen when a sales representative is meeting a healthcare professional (account) in a hospital. Finally, our backend framework makes it easy to empower data intelligence through implementation of business algorithms and AI.


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