Oracle Maxymiser

Testing and optimising your sites and apps

Maxymiser combines a number of functions to improve your personalisation of websites and mobile apps, thereby bettering customer experience with real-time adapting of messages. Including testing capabilities to find out what works and what converts, marketing departments can make sure that their message comes across.


Why Oracle Maxymiser?

Your marketing department always wants to make sure that your contacts get served real-time personalised content on websites and mobile apps. Maxymiser supports this goal, delivering several components:

  • Testing and targeting to ensure the right contacts receive the right content
  • Personalisation and recommendation on products or content
  • Predictive insights to understand the why and where
  • Mobile app optimisation for superior app building

The Benefits of Oracle Maxymiser

Advanced Testing options

Using A/B testing as well as multivariate testing, multi page funnel testing and targeted previews, Maxymiser supplies you with the tools for making sure of serving the content your contacts expect.

Advanced data handling

Incorporate data from CRM, Data Management Platform and in-session activity to personalise experiences, reducing customer frustration, shopping cart abandonment and bounce rates. USe Maxymiser’s data testing options to build a complete customer view

Recommendation engine

Using Maxymiser’s machine learning capabilities, the tool will allow you to identify behaviour across channels and combine this with profile data, resulting in the serving of relevant product and/or content recommendations to your contacts

Analysis capabilities

Use Maxymiser to analyse the behaviour of your customers and their preferences through automated insight capabilities. Understanding website clicks and analysing abandoned sessions will allow you to leverage these insights into your marketing strategy and tactics

Intuitive Visual editor

The included visual editor of Maxymiser allows you to build and deliver superior mobile apps. The development process can take place without any app store submissions needed  

Intracto as your Oracle partner

Intracto is one of the biggest partners of Oracle in the Benelux, with proven expertise in implementing the solutions of the Oracle Marketing and Data Cloud.

Our experts support you in the planning, integration and optimising of the implementation of your data strategy and the integration of Maxymiser into your marketing strategy.

Our Oracle Maxymiser services

Audit and consultancy

Intracto can assist you in defining your strategy on how to deliver the correct content to your customers using Maxymiser’s testing and optimization functionalities.


Based on your content strategy, we implement Oracle Maxymiser from the very first set-up to the successful integration in your Marketing Automation platform.

UX and content

Need help in either UX design or in delivering content to your target group? As a digital agency, Intracto is ideally suited to assist you.

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