Oracle Data Management Platform

A Big Data platform to support your digital marketing strategy

Oracle’s Data Management platform – formerly known as Bluekai – is the premier solution to store and handle all pertinent data from several sources and to leverage its use in ensuring effective, personalised marketing campaigns on online, offline and mobile channels.


Why Oracle DMP ?

With DMP, your marketing organisation will be in prime position to translate the insights gained from first- and third-party sources into a real understanding of your customer. Next, transforming your data strategy into your combined digital strategy will enable you to build fully customised cross-channel marketing campaigns. The results of deploying DMP include:

  • Superior segmentation and targeting capabilities
  • Improved control of your data and audiences 
  • The ability to understand your audiences and align your tactics accordingly
  • Greater efficiency of your resource’s time

The benefits of Oracle DMP

Identify your customers

Identity mapping helps you to identify customers across the different online and offline channels. Based on attributes and behavioural data, advanced segmentation functionalities help you to reach the correct contact for your messages. Oracle ID Graph combines all data into a unique profile of your customers.

Gain insights

Oracle DMP is more than just a data repository. The platform will assist you in gaining insights across the scale of your customer base. The core capabilities of the platform allow you to store, organise, cleanse and analyse your data. Extensive reporting and accountability capabilities show you the results of your marketing efforts.

Profit for optimal positioning

Sub-standard quality of data will make it harder to personalise your cross-channel engagements and lose you business. It also leads to a more difficult and poorer decision-making process. DMP will help you to position your company as an industry leading communicator.

Intracto as your Oracle partner

Intracto is one of the biggest partners of Oracle in the Benelux, with proven expertise in implementing the solutions of the Oracle Marketing and Data Cloud.

Our experts support you in the planning, integration and optimising of the implementation of your data strategy and the integration of DMP into your marketing strategy.

Our Oracle Data Management Platform services

Analysis and consultancy

Investigating your different data sources and taking into account your digital strategy, we support you in defining the goals and strategies of a successful DMP implementation.


Based on your goals and strategies, we implement Oracle DMP from the very first set-up to the employment of data in the different marketing campaigns.


Using DMP’s strength in integrating the platform to data sources as well as Marketing Automation platforms, our specialists use their expertise to ensure the tool’s proper place in your technology stack.

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