Strengthen customer relationships with marketing automation

Marketing automation ensures that you can handle, follow up and distribute large numbers of leads to the right person in charge. You will also automatically qualify visitors and communicate in a personalized way. We are experts in leading platforms such as HubSpot, SharpSpring and Selligent and have the right tools for every project.

Accelerate the sales flow of quality prospects

The power of marketing automation lies in dynamic, personalized content and communication flows: think of personalized e-mails, landing pages, websites, blogs, etc. With a marketing automation platform, prospects will move through the sales tunnel faster and there is always the right one. automated follow-up.

  • Lead nurturing becomes super easy by offering the right content to the right person at the right time via automatic scenarios.
  • Investing in marketing automation provides added value quickly, both for the brand and the user.
  • Marketing automation ensures time savings without compromising on quality or brand experience.
  • Predetermined flows ensure automatic scenarios based on user behavior or events.
  • Personalized content provides a better user experience and helps convert faster.

Proven expertise

We do not bind ourselves to one platform but have many years of experience with all the best tools on the market. Our work speaks for itself, but of course the official recognitions also help. For example, we are Selligent Partner, HubSpot Diamond Partner, SharpSpring Platinum Partner and Copernica Agency Partner.

The best tools

We go for efficient processes and choose the tools that fit the project. Easy to personalize, efficient, secure, many integration options ... Every argument is more important than the supplier of the platform.


Email marketing is still one of the most important parts of a marketing strategy. Tools such as Campaign Monitor, Selligent and Pardot are bursting with opportunities to take email marketing to the next level. We ensure that commercial e-mails stay out of the spam folder, with a well-considered approach that provides added value for the recipients.

Download the whitepaper on CRM & marketing automation

Marketing Automation and CRM, 2 very integral elements in many digital communication systems, are often called the dynamic duo. Read the tips from our experts and get to work yourself.

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Build a relationship with potential customers and provide answers to their questions when they need them. We help to manage and nurture that customer relationship.


Based on detailed user profiles, we use lead scoring to determine which leads have the highest lifetime value (LTV) and which have a lower one. We divide the target group into segments and work out a specific strategy for each of those segments.

Lead nurturing

By matching content and advertisements to each segment, we ensure an optimal spread of the budget based on the chance of conversion. Each segment receives the right messages through lead nurturing to be guided as smoothly as possible through the rest of the customer journey.

Save time and money thanks to marketing automation.

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