Google Analytics

Valuable insights through versatile analytics

Google Analytics helps you analyse the visitors of your website in detail. These valuable insights give you the opportunity to transform your company into a successful business.

Google Analytics

Why Google Analytics?

Google Analytics helps you better understand your customer and evaluate your website and its content. Find out where your visitors come from, what device they use to visit your website most, how much time they spend on certain pages or even which pages they leave immediately. You can analyse all the data in one place and find out what works on your website and what doesn't.

Discover the benefits of Google Analytics

Collect data automatically

After setting up your Google Analytics account, you paste a simple piece of code on your website. Once you've verified your account, you'll see traffic to your website, how your audience behaves, conversions and more. You'll have instant access to your reports and can personalise them by adding goals and filters.

Valuable insights

Google Analytics offers a solution for small and large companies to gain insights and discover what you’d best modify on your site and what not. The insights help you define a clear online strategy and maximise conversions.

Integrated workflow

Google Analytics's integrated workflow helps you work more efficiently. For example, to get in-depth insights on how users of your Google Ads campaigns interact with your site, link Data Studio to Google Analytics. This allows you to create custom dashboards and analytics. Or use Optimize to create custom variants of your website based on target audiences you've worked out in Google Analytics.


Through the advanced segments you can find marketing campaigns that deliver the best results. Set up the right personalised segments and discover the best ROI for your digital marketing strategies.


With a local SEO strategy or events at a certain location, it is important to find out where your audience comes from. Google Analytics helps you to make differences based on where your visitors come from.


Because Google Analytics is so popular, a lot of information can be found online and you can even get free certificates through Google.

White paper: Maximise conversions with Google Analytics

Are you looking for extra information about Google Analytics and how to correctly process all data? Download our whitepaper and discover how to use Google Analytics efficiently.

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Why Intracto?

At Intracto, we value the importance of analytics. We want our clients to be able to make the right decisions for a successful strategy. That's why we help them to make their figures clear and insightful and then analyse them correctly.

Our Google Analytics services


The challenge of Google Analytics is the correct processing of the data. Our experts would be happy to advise you on how to use Google Analytics most efficiently. 


At Intracto, we regularly offer training courses to help you get started with Google Analytics.


We help you process your data. Our experts carry out the analyses and see what can be optimised.

Free version

With the free version of Google Analytics you get a complete view of your visitors and customers to gain insights. Our experts would be happy to tell you more about it.

Analytics 360

With the paid version of Google Analytics, you get a complete view of your target group and even more in-depth insights through the advanced tools. Our experts would be happy to tell you about all the possibilities.

Web traffic monitoring

With Google Analytics for Firebase you can measure and analyse the web traffic within your app. In addition, Google Analytics: App + Web allows you to view the entire online traffic of your app and website in a new data schematic. At Intracto we track apps with Firebase and with App + Web we make sure your data structure between your app and website is made uniform.

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