Improve your marketing approach with actionable audits

There is always room for improvement, so it's a good idea to audit all your online efforts on a regular basis. From content to advertising and tracking tools, our experts know where to look to help you move forward quickly.

Identify quick wins with marketing audits

Audits are important to see if your marketing efforts are achieving the desired results and how they can be made even better. A marketing audit delivers several things:

  • an evaluation of different disciplines, tested against the most recent best practices;
  • a step-by-step plan to keep the quality of all marketing efforts high in the longer term;
  • quick wins to be implemented immediately and to achieve better results as soon as possible.

Our pragmatic marketing audits

Ecommerce audits

Results-oriented audits help to fully map and fine-tune your ecommerce approach, outlining both quick wins and a long-term battle plan. Technically and content-wise, we examine to what extent your business plan is being put into practice, where you are in relation to your competitors and how you can strengthen your position.


GDPR & legal audits

The legal aspect of online interactions was given a solid new chapter with the GDPR. Online privacy is more important than ever. Our legal department checks whether the GDPR guidelines are being followed correctly and what needs to be done or not in order to be fully compliant with current legislation.

SEO audits

Your Google ranking depends on many factors. Our SEO experts turn your site inside out and create a short and long term planning to take both the content and technical functionality of your website to the next level.

SEA audits

Don't your search campaigns generate enough conversions? Our specialists take a close look at settings, targeting, copy and creative to see what could be improved and set you on your way to maximising the return on your advertising budget.

Marketing automation

Is marketing automation just another mailing tool to you or do you tap the full potential of this Swiss army knife in the battle for the customer? Our experts investigate whether you make full use of the possibilities of your marketing automation tool. Is your lead scoring on point? Is quality lead nurturing turning your leads into customers? Do you work according to GDPR rules?


Social media audits

Social media is a very powerful marketing and communication channel, if you handle it right. Our experts look at the full picture, from the way your channels are set up to your content and advertising approach. We provide a pragmatic plan of action to quickly set up your social media strategy.

Tracking audits

Tracking and analysis tools are indispensable for measuring and adjusting your efforts in a well-founded way. Our experts check the setup of your measurement tools and give concrete advice to get even more out of them.

UX audits

In a UX audit, our experts look for ways to improve the user experience on your platform. Visitors should be able to achieve their goals on the site as friction-free as possible, with as few clicks as possible. We check if your service design matches the customer journey. The result of a UX audit is a report that helps you improve usability and therefore your conversion rate.



Attracting quite a few visitors to your website already? Then start optimising their user experience before you spend more money on ads that lure even more visitors to your platform. By removing obstacles on the site, you ensure that a visitor can convert with as few clicks as possible. That way, you're sure those extra visitors also yield some money. In a conversion optimisation audit, we benchmark your site with web standards and provide a concrete, tailor-made action plan.


Data audits

Qualitative data is essential for making well-founded business decisions. A data audit examines what data is collected, where the data is stored and what is done with it. We also carry out a GDPR check to check whether everything is done in accordance with the applicable privacy rules and list all recommendations in a clear report.

Content marketing

Seamlessly following an SEO audit, we check to what extent your content matches the needs of your target audience. We examine whether the division between help, hub and hero content is right and whether your content has enough to convince leads and guide them further through the customer journey.


How customer centric is your marketing strategy?

Perfectly executed marketing tactics such as SEO, SEA and social media only deliver results if the underlying strategy is right. Does your communication put the customer first? Do your messages and calls-to-action take sufficient account of the customer journey of your target group? Do you make optimal use of all channels? Our strategists are ready to map out your entire (digital) ecosystem, evaluate it and develop a tailor-made action plan.

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