Adobe Experience Cloud

Experience Cloud is Adobe’s answer to the increasing pace of customer expectations, who expect an integrated approach from the companies they are engaging with. More than just a stand-alone marketing automation platform, Experience Cloud not only integrates the different solutions of its cloud, but also with the other tools in the Adobe portfolio.


The benefits of Adobe Experience Cloud

Whether you start with just one tool within the complete Adobe Experience Cloud suite or with more than one, the completeness of the portfolio guarantees a unified approach to CX. The cloud platform allows for a comprehensive view of your contacts' engagement with the various solutions and gives you the power to use this across the different areas of your digital marketing strategy.

Our Adobe services

Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign is Adobe's answer to the growing trend and demand for B2C marketing automation platforms. Its main strengths are its excellent data management capabilities, its wide range of expansion and integration capabilities, and its ability to work custom, both in terms of the omni-channel campaigns and the architecture of the platform itself.

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Adobe Marketo Engage

Adobe Marketo Engage is market leader in B2B and Account Based Marketing of ABM. The platform has everything in you need to bring your sales and marketing teams closer together, create comprehensive profiles of potential or existing customers, implement targeted website personalisations and more.

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Why Intracto?

With our expertise and experience in implementing Adobe Experience Cloud, Intracto is ideally placed to partner with you in the introduction, implementation and roll-out of the different parts of this suite.

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