Retail and wholesale

With extensive experience and sector specialisation in both B2B and B2C, Intracto is the digital partner of choice for companies in the retail and wholesale sectors. We anticipate the challenges of an ever faster evolving world and shape the future together with our clients.

Retail and wholesale

Evolving at the pace of the customer

Retail and wholesale are sectors that must constantly adapt to increasing digitalisation. In addition to technological developments, the way in which (potential) customers come into contact with brands is constantly changing. A multichannel approach is more important than ever and the division of roles between brand and dealer is under pressure. To survive and take the lead, a change in mindset throughout the chain is vital.

Intracto is partner of the retail and wholesale sector

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Challenges for retail and wholesale

Personalised service

There are more and more digital channels and possibilities for customers to get in touch with companies. Therefore, it is important to take an open-minded look at what channels are available and determine which ones fit within your business context to further develop the relationship with (potential) customers.

Whatever tool, strategy or tactic you choose, the essence is often the same: data. That you need to collect data is no secret. However, remarkably few companies today manage to keep the right data in a structured and actionable way, and do something valuable with it to provide the hyper-personalised service the customer expects.

Multichannel is a must

Just being present on different channels is not enough, online and offline channels must flow seamlessly. Physical shops are increasingly becoming an extension of webshops and other digital touchpoints instead of the other way around. 

New channels create new opportunities, such as Facebook Shops, marketplaces like and Amazon and other interesting trends for retailers and shopkeepers. For example, live e-commerce was already very popular in Asia and is now gaining popularity in the United States through the efforts of Amazon Live, among others. Well-developed chatbots bring customer and brand closer together.

Towards a unified customer experience

Customers make no distinction between digital and non-digital, they only expect a unified and flawless customer experience. That is where companies make the difference. The digital aspect has a large, but not complete, share in this challenge. For customers, there is no difference between online and offline purchases. Digital identity management across the different platforms and touchpoints is therefore essential, both before and after the purchase.

Digital transformation is not only about meeting this minimum expectation, but also about creating real added value for the end customer. Strong service design ensures higher purchase values, better satisfaction scores, stronger loyalty and more efficient (and therefore cheaper) operation of the company.

Customer service makes the difference

Self-service portals for both B2B and B2C customers are here to stay. Think, for example, of the online tracking of orders, reporting returns or downloading invoices. By letting the customer do a lot himself, he gets a greater sense of satisfaction and involvement. At the same time, it relieves your organisation and customer service.

A smoothly functioning webshop is the bare minimum; the quality of what follows the sale is increasingly determining your place in the market. Where previously price was often the only decisive factor, customer service will increasingly come to the fore as a decisive factor.

New technologies create added value

New technologies help companies serve their customers even better. 3D, virtual reality and augmented reality in the browser are coming of age, opening up a host of new possibilities for visualising and documenting products.

Websites and apps are merging into progressive web apps (PWAs), which offer the user the best experience on any device and save companies separate development projects for a website and an app.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Consumers attach more and more importance to the social impact of companies. Moreover, there is a younger generation that finds it only logical to look at your business from a social or ecological perspective.

Companies that undertake a transition to reduce their negative impact and focus more on green products or fair supply chains are often rewarded with a strong reputation and healthy business results. It is essential that your social purpose is woven into the DNA of your business and not just a bonus to score.

Our solutions

Thanks to our extensive experience in the retail and wholesale sector, we can think along with you within a larger framework. We can empathise with the needs, regulations and context of your business.

In a changing world, it is no longer tenable for companies to have each part of their strategy executed by a different supplier. The complex communication and mutual competition between these different suppliers takes an unnecessary bite out of the budget and causes delays in several areas.

Count on us as an end-to-end partner, who not only thinks along at a strategic level, but is also perfectly capable of executing that strategy qualitatively. We focus uncompromisingly on an integrated approach and combine broad strategic know-how with in-depth tactical and operational expertise.


We help you develop a competitive advantage. Count on concrete, forward-looking advice.


We create unique brands and all associated assets, tailored to your needs and to our constantly evolving society.


We provide your audience with the right content at the right time, in text and in images, throughout the entire customer journey.


Using intelligent automation, we help you reach and convert your target audience, from leads to loyal brand ambassadors.


Our extensive tech stack guarantees freedom in development, testing, support and maintenance. We provide the best match.

Why Intracto?

In a constantly evolving world, it is no longer tenable to have each part of their strategy executed by a different supplier. Complex communication and mutual competition between those suppliers is detrimental to the budget and creates unnecessary delays.

Intracto is an innovative, international digital services group. As an end-to-end partner with in-depth expertise in strategy, creation, marketing and technology, we aim to assist companies in improving their customer experience, marketing & sales performance and create new market segments.

Our approach

Independent advice

With a strong team of specialists and a wide network of partners, we always look for possible solutions with an open mind and without technological preference.

Putting the customer first

In everything we do, the end customer takes priority. Our solutions are always tailored to the users, so they add value for everyone.

Tailored partnerships

An end-to-end partnership is impossible without close cooperation. Both internally and externally. We don't like working on an island, but act as an extension of our customers. For each project, we put together the right team of experts, based on the specific needs.

Driven by results

Every day, we strive to achieve the best possible results, both for our customers as well as for ourselves. Operational excellence is key and we opt for an agile approach with measurable results.


Intracto is a group of proud experts that aim to create value and impactful change. At the start of every endeavour, our minds are set on creating the ultimate customer experience, both online and offline.

By combining knowledge in-house, we help our customers bring their projects to the next level. From strategy and technology to marketing, content and creation.


As a permanent digital partner of MediaMarkt, we regularly experiment with new technologies and strategies. For instance, we were the first in Belgium to launch several live e-commerce sessions with Mediamarkt. A real content marketing hub provides the necessary relevant content throughout the customer journey of customers and potential customers.

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All customer experiences come into contact with two channels, digital and non-digital, and they must blend seamlessly.

Yannick de Bièvre, MediaMarkt


Farmaline's success story reads like a fairy tale. Together with Intracto, Farmaline evolved from a small pharmacy with one employee to a listed company at European top level. Proud that we make Farmaline grow on both the technical and marketing level.

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We have to keep questioning ourselves and think about what it might be like in one, two, three or ten years' time.

Lode Fastré, founder Farmaline


Habufa occupies a solid market position both nationally and internationally and is a leading supplier to chain stores, purchasing groups, wholesalers and furniture retailers. With a total of four concepts and 40,000 products, they serve the entire interior and living market. We were responsible for the entire project, from strategy to technical implementation.

LIV Wonen

You make a lot of choices when you buy a new home. LIV Wonen helps you make those choices. Not only in terms of options and layout of your new home, but also in choosing and purchasing your kitchen, bathroom and even your new dining room table. LIV even has mortgage and insurance advisers on the ready. The website brings all these suppliers together and is also an additional channel to present and sell the products and services of partners. They are more than happy to participate in this promising concept.

LIV Wonen

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