Manufacturers, together with their distributors, must anticipate the (digital) expectations of their customers. Count on our expertise and experience in the manufacturing industry to make your company ready for the future.


Expanding the value chain with innovation

The role of manufacturers and industrial players is no longer limited to making and producing things. Customers and other stakeholders demand far-reaching service throughout the chain. Service design is higher on the agenda than ever. Digital order intake, automation, personalisation and self-service portals are the absolute minimum for companies that want to remain competitive. Meanwhile, the evolution in the field of marketing, and the battle for data ownership, has not stood still either.

Intracto is partner of the manufacturing industry

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Challenges for the manufacturing industry

Digitale orderintake

Large companies often have a greater digital maturity than smaller companies, also in B2B. Think for example of EDI set-ups. The quality of digital services will become the distinguishing factor in the coming decade. Companies should not only automate and optimise their operational processes, but also offer digital added value in their sales and marketing activities.

Tailored production

Most manufacturers have a firm grasp of their core business, making high-quality products. But customers expect more: the shortest possible delivery time and customised products. Innovative players such as Materialise have created new market segments, but traditional companies that have been in business for decades must also adapt and meet their customers' needs. Online configurators and self-service platforms are the key to success in modern B2B.

Self-service portals

Online self-service platforms for customers are an integral part of B2B. By giving the customer access to the necessary tools, he not only gets a greater sense of involvement, but companies also relieve their own organisation and customer service. Online self-service goes beyond tracing orders or downloading invoices. There is also considerable added value for the after-sales service, such as creating and following up returns, requesting spare parts and providing marketing material. By making smart use of new technologies such as QR codes, NFC and PWAs, companies can take the lead on the competition.

Marketing & sales automation

Digitalisation and online sales are making it more difficult for manufacturers to control the chain. Increasingly, manufacturers and B2B companies are collecting data from the end customer themselves, but without sidelining the distributor network. A good approach to online marketing initiatives and sales automation can ensure that the entire chain benefits from this. Manufacturers can strengthen their distributors while keeping control.

Case: 68 websites in one fell swoop

Talent development

Productivity growth in Belgium has been slowing down in recent years. Thus, the Belgian economy is losing an important trump card. Moreover, company profits and margins are increasingly under pressure, as a result of which companies often can no longer afford to attract external and therefore expensive top talent. In-house talent will therefore have to make the difference, making it more important than ever to support that talent in its development. On top of this, there is the enormous challenge of continuing to engage and motivate employees from a distance.

Our solutions

With a wide range of customers in the manufacturing industry, we have gained considerable expertise in this field. Intracto is the established end-to-end partner, able to think on a strategic level and follow up with the right execution.

To become successful, the end customer and his needs are of the highest priority. That's why we opt for an integrated approach, combining strategic knowledge with high tactical awareness.



We help you develop a competitive advantage. Count on our actionable, forward-looking advice.


We create unique brands and all related assets, tailored to your needs and our constantly evolving society.


We feed your audience with the right content at the right time, in word and image, throughout the entire customer journey.


Using intelligent automation, we help you reach and convert your target audience, from leads to loyal brand ambassadors.


Our extensive tech stack guarantees freedom in development, testing, support and maintenance. Count on the best match with your project.

Why Intracto?

In a constantly evolving world, it is no longer tenable to have each part of their strategy executed by a different supplier. Complex communication and mutual competition between those suppliers is detrimental to the budget and creates unnecessary delays.

Intracto is an innovative, international digital services group. As an end-to-end partner with in-depth expertise in strategy, creation, marketing and technology, we aim to assist companies in improving their customer experience, marketing & sales performance and create new market segments.

Our approach

Independent advice

With a strong team of specialists and a wide network of partners, we always look for possible solutions with an open mind and without technological preference.

Putting the customer first

In everything we do, the end customer takes priority. Our solutions are always tailored to the users, so they add value for everyone.

Tailored partnerships

An end-to-end partnership is impossible without close cooperation. Both internally and externally. We don't like working on an island, but act as an extension of our customers. For each project, we put together the right team of experts, based on the specific needs.

Driven by results

Every day, we strive to achieve the best possible results, both for our customers as well as for ourselves. Operational excellence is key and we opt for an agile approach with measurable results.


Intracto is a group of proud experts that aim to create value and impactful change. At the start of every endeavour, our minds are set on creating the ultimate customer experience, both online and offline.

By combining knowledge in-house, we help our customers bring their projects to the next level. From strategy and technology to marketing, content and creation.

100% digital order intake at Van Hoecke

At Van Hoecke, they do everything they can to put the customer first. Even if this means that, as a manufacturer, they not only have to offer products but also services. New digital technologies help to remove customer friction, annoyances and frustrations. Digital processes are fast, efficient, and enable both customer and supplier to save time.

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Digital transformation is never an end in itself. It is a means to support your growth.

Peter Van Hoecke, CEO Van Hoecke


HAVEP has a 150 year tradition of producing quality textiles for professionals. HAVEP's specialised advisors help customers choose the right clothing. The web platform integrates both the product and the service offering with an extranet and B2B e-commerce platform. We have incorporated the same level of service that HAVEP has been providing to its customers offline for many years.


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