From educational digitalisation to a future-proof policy tailored to customers, employees and stakeholders: we are aware of the challenges and opportunities the educational sector brings. Our expertise in this industry makes us the ideal partner for educational institutions.


Nurturing talent

Belgium and the Netherlands are textbook examples of knowledge economies. Constant training and keeping up-to-date is important for both people and companies in order to stay ahead. That's where new challenges and opportunities arise.

Books are not the fastest medium if you want to keep up with digital trends. Also, the classroom model is not suitable for everyone and since 2020, digital alternatives have entered the stage. Finding the balance between the right content and tools tailored to the organisation is essential for companies who want to get the most out of their talent.

Over the years, our experts have built up a great deal of experience in the field of e-learning by developing state-of-the-art learning platforms together with our clients in the educational sector or professional organisations in charge of educational assignments.

Intracto is a partner of leaders in education

Artevelde Hogeschool
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Hogeschool Rotterdam
Maastricht University
Tilburg University
Uitgeverij Averbode
Universiteit Utrecht
Uitgeverij Zwijsen

Challenges of knowledge sharing in a digital age

E-learning and blended learning

E-learning and blended learning (where offline and online learning methods complement each other) are established methods that provide students and employees with digital tools to ensure targeted and effective training.

Teaching material is easy to keep up-to-date and can be fully tailored to the target group. Students can work at their own pace and allow the system to assess each individual’s skill level and progress in order to adapt the difficulty where needed. With better results and more engagement as a result.

Integrated learning systems

In many industries and companies, a minimum of annual training or proof of knowledge is mandatory. LMS's (Learning Management Systems) consist of tools that generate and monitor educational courses or training programs. Consequently, they can generate certificates or proofs of knowledge.

The LMS is the bridge between the e-learning platform, the examination system, which can optionally be integrated in the e-learning platform, and internal HR platforms. Ideally, these components are integrated in an existing online system that the user is already familiar with, such as the intranet.

New technologies

New technologies offer new opportunities. A great example is the training of cleaning personnel using VR technology. While viewing a hotel room through VR goggles, cleaners are able to see what they need to pay attention to, without actually having to be in the physical room. This is a much cheaper and more efficient way of teaching staff than to book a hotel room for a whole day.

We see similar applications in VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) to test knowledge of safety procedures in realistic environments. Think about training people in complex and dangerous industrial environments such as the chemical industry. Experiencing the situation virtually and in a near identical fashion to the real world will evidently prepare people more than when they complete a questionnaire about the topic. 

Gamification & service design

Updated learning methodologies combined with new technologies can lead to many opportunities, barring that the organisation keeps an open mind regarding the introduction of e-learning or blended learning principles. Using nudging techniques to steer your customer’s behaviour in your favour or applying gamification principles can undoubtedly produce great results.

Headless design & microservices

New methodologies in system architecture not only open up new possibilities, but above all contribute to a better user experience. Microservices allow e-learning platforms to be fully integrated with existing systems in the organisation, making sure all the data is neatly woven together.

Nurturing in-house talent

Productivity growth in Belgium has been declining in recent years. Moreover, the recent crisis is increasingly putting pressure on companies' profits and margins. As a result, they can no longer afford to attract external talent, which tends to be expensive. The focus needs to lie on developing in-house talent, with the additional challenge of engaging and motivating said talent from a distance. E-learning can play an important role in that process.

Our solutions

With a wide range of customers in the education industry, we have gained considerable expertise in this field. Intracto is the established end-to-end partner that is able to think strategically as well as follow up with the right execution.

To become successful, the end customer and his needs are of the highest priority. That's why we opt for an integrated approach, combining strategic knowledge with high tactical awareness.



We help you develop a competitive advantage. Count on our actionable, forward-looking advice.


We create unique brands and all related assets, tailored to your needs and our constantly evolving society.


We feed your audience with the right content at the right time, in word and image, throughout the entire customer journey.


Using intelligent automation, we help you reach and convert your target audience, from leads to loyal brand ambassadors.


Our extensive tech stack guarantees freedom in development, testing, support and maintenance. Count on the best match with your project.

Why Intracto?

In a constantly evolving world, it is no longer tenable to have each part of their strategy executed by a different supplier. Complex communication and mutual competition between those suppliers is detrimental to the budget and creates unnecessary delays.

Intracto is an innovative, international digital services group. As an end-to-end partner with in-depth expertise in strategy, creation, marketing and technology, we aim to assist companies in improving their customer experience, marketing & sales performance and create new market segments.

Our approach

Independent advice

With a strong team of specialists and a wide network of partners, we always look for possible solutions with an open mind and without technological preference.

Putting the customer first

In everything we do, the end customer takes priority. Our solutions are always tailored to the users, so they add value for everyone.

Tailored partnerships

An end-to-end partnership is impossible without close cooperation. Both internally and externally. We don't like working on an island, but act as an extension of our customers. For each project, we put together the right team of experts, based on the specific needs.

Driven by results

Every day, we strive to achieve the best possible results, both for our customers as well as for ourselves. Operational excellence is key and we opt for an agile approach with measurable results.


Intracto is a group of proud experts that aim to create value and impactful change. At the start of every endeavour, our minds are set on creating the ultimate customer experience, both online and offline.

By combining knowledge in-house, we help our customers bring their projects to the next level. From strategy and technology to marketing, content and creation.

Universiteit Utrecht

An educational institution such as a university has many stakeholders. Intracto not only built a completely revamped website and intranet that met all user requirements, but also brought all stakeholders to the table in an extensive strategic process. The result is not only a great website, but we also scored the highest supplier-satisfaction score ever at the university!

Universiteit Utrecht

Uitgeverij Acco takes care of the development and distribution of study materials, professional literature and scientific publications in Flanders and The Netherlands. Their clients include colleges, universities and professionals. Acco is one of the industry leaders in the field of education digitalisation, making use of a state-of-the-art e-learning platform. Unburdening their clients with service design and smart ideas is also high on their list of priorities. General Manager Vicky Adriaensen talks about Acco's vision on digitalisation.

Vicky Adriaensen, Algemeen Directeur van Acco

I look forward to when digitalisation is finally integrated into every company’s DNA.

Vicky Adriaensen, CEO Acco


With Edfin, BZB-Fedafin launched a training platform to increase the knowledge of intermediaries in banking and investment services. They have an extensive offer of not only classroom training and exams, but e-learning as well.

Tilburg University

Tilburg University had two important wishes for, its primary channel for communication and recruitment: a new content management system and responsive websites. Intracto completely rebuilt the website in Drupal 8. The result is a user-friendly CMS for employees and students.

Tilburg University
Leer-Rijk 2.0

Leer-Rijk is the training database for all Dutch governmental organisations. Whether civil servants are looking for a course, training or education, or for another way to develop themselves further, Leer-Rijk offers a solution. The portal contains courses from external educational institutions and training agencies as well as from the government itself.


The web platform of BIV, the Professional Institute of Estate Agents, consists of various, fully integrated applications, which in recent years have greatly digitalised the BIV's operations and made them more efficient in the process.


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