The automotive industry has to adapt constantly to a new, digital age. Our expertise and pioneering role in the field of digitalisation ensures successful partnerships with companies that want to lead the way.


A new mindset

The automotive sector has had to adapt to the pace of digitalisation several times already in recent years. The distinction between brand and dealer is under pressure, and the ways in which (potential) customers come into contact with your brand is constantly evolving. Multichannel is more important than ever. The transformation of the automotive industry is in full swing. Anyone who wants to emerge stronger from it has to adopt a new mindset, throughout the entire organisation.

Intracto is partner of the automotive industry

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Challenges for the automotive industry

Online sales

A staggering 92% of customers start their search for a new car online. As a result, customers have become much more knowledgeable about what they are looking to buy than in the past.

The actual purchase of a car has largely remained an offline experience up until now, with local dealerships fulfilling an important role when it comes to purchasing decisions on the customer’s end. However, research indicates that a shift is occurring in this area. No less than 63% of customers are considering buying their next car online. The car industry better take note.

Self-service platforms

Customers expect service 24/7 and love to be in control. That is why self-service platforms aim to improve customer experience and customer satisfaction. Leasing companies give the customer a lot of control when it comes to adjusting the variables upon leasing a car. Calculating mileage, costs and planning your service for instance, are all made easier through self-service platforms.

Unified customer experience across all channels

Customers are exposed to your brand via various touch points and expect the same service and experience throughout all of them. A configuration made at home should be available at the dealership. Personalised communication remains the standard, especially after the purchase has been made.

Digital identity management pertains to the safe accessing and processing of customer information. This information is crucial for dealerships, as sending out an email that states your winter tires are ready for pickup when you have had them fitted last week, isn’t exactly the most personal way of approaching your customer.

Personalisation and configuration

With the rise of new technologies come plenty of new opportunities for brands. Online configurators are becoming more advanced, and VR and AR can make personalised predictions in terms of customer preferences. 

For example: the e-xperience app our experts at Prophets developed for Audi. Car enthusiasts that are considering buying an electric Audi vehicle can use this app to verify whether their daily driving routines are compatible with driving an electric car.

Smart online marketing techniques

The way in which customers come into contact with your brand constantly changes. Customers prefer a digital experience over a visit to the dealer. Video reviews give the customer a first look inside the car, accompanied by explanations of the reviewer, who is usually an enthusiast about the subject. This often results in the review rivalling or even exceeding what the sales employee at the dealership can tell you about the car. An influencer is mostly driven by passion, meaning that they allow the viewer to form his or her own opinion about the product.

A sales employee on the other hand might give a falsified opinion in order to boost his sales performance. Online configurators are very attractive tools that give customers the possibility of creating a car to their liking and having it delivered as such afterwards. Many car brands offer this option on their website and drawing in customers means having the one that is the most easy and most fun to use. Despite the international nature of car brands, it is still important to take care of the relationships customers have with their local dealers.

Our solutions

With a wide range of customers in the automotive industry, we have gained considerable expertise in this field. Intracto is the established end-to-end partner that is able to think strategically as well as follow up with the right execution.

To become successful, the end customer and his needs are of the highest priority. That's why we opt for an integrated approach, combining a broad strategic know-how with in-depth tactical and operational expertise.



We help you develop a competitive advantage. Count on our actionable, forward-looking advice.


We create unique brands and all related assets, tailored to your needs and our constantly evolving society.


We feed your audience with the right content at the right time, in word and image, throughout the entire customer journey.


Using intelligent automation, we help you reach and convert your target audience, from leads to loyal brand ambassadors.


Our extensive tech stack guarantees freedom in development, testing, support and maintenance. Count on the best match with your project.

Why Intracto?

In a constantly evolving world, it is no longer tenable to have each part of their strategy executed by a different supplier. Complex communication and mutual competition between those suppliers is detrimental to the budget and creates unnecessary delays.

Intracto is an innovative, international digital services group. As an end-to-end partner with in-depth expertise in strategy, creation, marketing and technology, we aim to assist companies in improving their customer experience, marketing & sales performance and create new market segments.

Our approach

Independent advice

With a strong team of specialists and a wide network of partners, we always look for possible solutions with an open mind and without technological preference.

Putting the customer first

In everything we do, the end customer takes priority. Our solutions are always tailored to the users, so they add value for everyone.


Tailored partnerships

An end-to-end partnership is impossible without close cooperation. Both internally and externally. We don't like working on an island, but act as an extension of our customers. For each project, we put together the right team of experts, based on the specific needs.

Driven by results

Every day, we strive to achieve the best possible results, both for our customers as well as for ourselves. Operational excellence is key and we opt for an agile approach with measurable results.


Intracto is a group of proud experts that aim to create value and impactful change. At the start of every endeavour, our minds are set on creating the ultimate customer experience, both online and offline.

By combining knowledge in-house, we help our customers bring their projects to the next level. From strategy and technology to marketing, content and creation.


Michelin helps its distributors and partners to grow in Europe through improvements in online visibility. By combining essential services in a marketing toolbox, we enabled fast access to digital marketing services for dealers.


A unified user experience between the brand and its local dealers still poses challenges. Intracto created a user-friendly website builder for Volvo BeLux and Volvo France, that allowed dealers to use both custom and centrally managed content. This resulted in no less than 200 different dealer websites, allowing every dealer to customise their website to their liking, all while maintaining the brand’s identity.


Alphabet Occasions proves that buying a car online can be easy. Intracto helped Alphabet setting up the platform, from strategy to execution. In addition, Intracto helps Alphabet grow further in the private leasing market, from strategy to building a platform and personalised online marketing.


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