Turn your brand story into a follow-up story

Every brand or company has its own story to tell. With content, but also with feeling. Intracto will articulate your story in the right way to the target group to attract attention and to hold on to it. Because with the right storytelling, your story will make a lasting impression.

A strong story requires the right words

Intracto has a strong team of copywriters who give your message - each with its own expertise - a voice in powerful texts for advertising, blog, website, brochure or social media. Whatever the question, they always have an answer ready with native knowledge in Dutch, French and English.

  • Do you have to discover the story of your brand yourself? Our writers set off with you to turn your brand into a brand story.
  • If you want your target audience to discover your story, it must be found first. With a balanced SEO and SEA approach, Intracto gives you the first and the last word.
  • You have to share good stories. And those who say "sharing" immediately think of social media. Our experts choose the right one for you.
  • A strong story through gated content delivers more. Such as useful data or addresses. A great opportunity to further spread your story.

Brand story

Having a strong story is one thing, but being able to articulate it in the right way is another. Intracto helps you with both. In this way, your brand or company becomes a beautiful journey of discovery for everyone, with a engaging story as its destination.


Whoever speaks first can let the first hear his story. That is why it is essential for online storytelling that your brand appears at the top of the search results. The experts at Intracto make your story "search engine friendly" with an SEO approach that scores highly in terms of both content and technology. If you want to increase your reach even further, an additional SEA strategy provides an online boost.

Social media

A good story must be shared. Since social media live on a subculture, they are the communication channels par excellence for promoting and distributing content. Even for B2B. The experts at Intracto are following the evolutions closely so that they can make optimum use of all the possibilities of each channel.

Gated content

Gated content is a win-win situation for you and your target audience. You offer users added value through white papers, infographics or exclusive events. In exchange, they enter their details that can later be used for marketing. Intracto helps you to create valuable content that yields useful data and then starts a marketing turbo with marketing automation based on the collected data.


Journalists play an important role in the reach of your story. Address them with the right message and news value, and who knows maybe they will spread your story. We can help you with that too. Via our press database you can present your story to the world and with the right approach. The range that you can achieve through press coverage opens the door to a good return on investment.


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We are happy to help you tell your story in a way that stays with you. Whether that story is set in stone or has yet to be written.

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