Strong business communication makes strong companies

Communicating about your company is much more than advertising and publishing. It is building and maintaining a close relationship with people outside and within the company. By saying; but also to do. Because you don't get a strong reputation; you make that. With the expertise of Intracto.

Relationship builders in surprising domains

Intracto goes much further than building a pure image. Because a first impression may be important, but a lasting impression makes the difference. Together we work on a strong and sustainable relationship between your company and important stakeholders, also outside the traditional communication channels.

  • Good and relevant contacts with the press and media can give your company a valuable head start. Intracto is looking for the right starting points for your PR story.
  • "Sustainable" and "responsible" are absolute conditions for today's market. Intracto gives your Corporate Social Responsibility content and credibility.
  • A strong company story often starts with your own employees. Intracto translates your values and ambitions into clear and attractive internal communication.
  • Attracting new employees is no longer a purely financial issue. Nice conditions will stimulate attention, but your Employer Branding by Intracto will convince them.

Public relations

Communication is also building and maintaining relationships with the press and media. After all, PR is the best promotion that does not resemble advertising. As your PR partner, Intracto helps ensure that your company receives the right attention and that you can build a positive, strong reputation with your stakeholders. From a good press release to contact with relevant journalists.


Sustainable development and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) also give your company a social commitment. An emotional added value that is essential in today's market. Intracto translates your CSR activities into a strong substantive story to your stakeholders - from a web page to a convincing campaign. This way everyone knows what your company stands for: economically, sociologically and ecologically.

Internal communications

Your own employees are your best ambassadors. It is important that they know and feel what is going on in your company. Intracto keeps a finger on the pulse of your corporate culture and converts it into clear, recognizable internal communication that promotes unity and engages to work together for a larger organizational purpose.

Employer branding

With more vacancies than candidates, the attraction of employers is less about purely financial benefits and more about the connection that applicants have with the corporate culture. It is crucial to turn your HR policy into a brand with which both colleagues and future employees feel connected. Intracto distills the "soul" of your company in a strong and credible recruitment proposition with eye-catching campaigns to collect as many correct candidates and data as possible.

Crisis communication

Companies and governments have known for a while: your website and social media play a crucial role in your crisis communication today. Where you used to have 'the golden hour' to be ahead of the crowd and to prepare for communication, today you have to work immediately. A high-performance site (which does not go unnoticed when there are too many visitors) and a sophisticated crisis communication strategy that helps you to communicate quickly, clearly and content-wise through social media are crucial for successful communication in times of crisis.

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