Seize attention with campaigns

Campaigns are the perfect way to generate extra attention around events, products and other commercial or informative peak moments. We launch successful campaign ideas, take care of communication and measure the impact.

The ideal mix between channels

Recurring events such as Black Friday or the holidays, the launch of a new product, an anniversary of the company or one of the employees ... Campaigns ensure peak moments on top of always on communication.

  • Campaigns are not necessarily commercial, but can also revolve around brand awareness or employer branding.
  • A good mix of channels, both online and offline, ensures the greatest impact.

Social boost

Social media are becoming an increasingly larger part of the online landscape. But which channels deliver the best performance? We choose the channels that provide the most success for every aspect of the (social) media plan.

Perfect mix

We are good at online and offline communication and believe in the fact that they can complement each other. That is why we have both in-house talents and offline experts who work closely together to ensure that both aspects of campaigns seamlessly merge into one another.


Guerilla marketing is ideal for literally entering the world of the target group in a striking way. It can ensure a positive brand experience and be supplemented with a digital follow-up process, for both B2B and B2C.

Measure impact

The success of a campaign is determined by the impact it makes. We measure that impact and constantly adjust based on those insights for maximum results.

Integrated approach

An integrated approach is the common thread throughout every media strategy. From strategy and media plan to set-up, optimization and reporting, we seamlessly blend everything together.

Looking for powerful campaigns that grab attention?

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