Strengthen your brand with actionable analyses

In a dynamic world, brands must evolve as well. How does your brand behave, what does it stand for and how does it distinguish itself? A brand analysis helps you to improve the relevance and performance of your brand, so that it will better match what your target audience is looking for. Today and tomorrow.

Future-proof your brand

The biggest threat to your brand is rarely your competitors. Your connection with and image among your (potential) customers is. By having your brand screened regularly, you detect the pitfalls and opportunities that await you well ahead of time.

A brand analysis gives you insight in:

  • the strengths and weaknesses of your brand;
  • your place in the current market;
  • the reputation of your brand among your target group;
  • the next steps in your growth path;
  • ...

Stay relevant

We'll evaluate your brand and imagine tomorrow, so you remain attractive to both your current target group and your future target groups. After our first analysis, we give action-oriented advice or set up a brainstorm. We work both strategically and tactically to improve both relevance and performance.

Brand identity

In order to build a reputation that matches your (sales) objectives, it is crucial that you know your own identity and communicate it consistently. Depending on your ambitions and the current situation, we have a methodology that helps with both internal and external communication.


(Re) branding

Updating a brand means much more than just modifying a logo. Often that's not even necessary. During a workshop, the logo, corporate identity, brand architecture and products and services will be discussed. We also look at the values and corporate culture and take into account existing points of interest.


Brand communication

A brand analysis can also include the story behind your brand. Our experts examine how you convey your message, which visual language you use, which tone of voice fits best ... Our approach is and always will be customer centric. We investigate how people experience your brand and whether that experience matches your own vision.



(Future) customers as well as employees, suppliers and job seekers expect brands to be relevant. The impact you create goes beyond your own products or services. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) indicates the role your company plays in people's needs, both physical and aspirational. Our CSR strategists help you with your positioning in today's society, so that you can also convince the talents and visitors of tomorrow.

Strategic audits

Your brand identity is an important part of your broader business strategy. But what about those other aspects of your business? Are all the pieces of the puzzle put together neatly or is there room for improvement in terms of marketing, content or technology? Our strategic audits help you put the entire company in the right direction.

Get your brand analysis

Talk to our experts about the challenges your brand faces and get a results-oriented analysis that you can act on right away. Fill in the form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.