Publishing and media buying done right

A strong advertising strategy starts with a full understanding of the possibilities. Whether you want to increase brand awareness or focus on conversion, we help you optimise the success of your campaigns.

Publishing & media buying

High-performing campaigns with a 360º media strategy

The traditional dividing line between online and offline media is as good as gone today. Television, radio, OOH, news media ... No medium can escape the digital evolution anymore. An in-depth knowledge of the digital world is therefore indispensable for a good media strategy. We are happy to link our extensive knowledge of online and offline advertising opportunities to your expertise.

Experienced media experts

Our specialists combine their years of media experience with insights from the creation process to ensure that your campaigns are perfectly aligned with their goals, both online and offline. This complete vision ensures the best performing campaigns with a maximum return on your investments.

Tailored media advice

We always aim to find the best solution for your company's specific needs. Do you use our knowledge and experience to guide you all the way from strategy to media buying? Or do you prefer to work with different parties and give our experts the reins to guarantee a smooth cooperation? We always provide tailored advice and support.

Online media leads the way

Besides advice for offline media and the combination of online and offline, Intracto is also the right partner for all your digital campaigns. Specialised teams in the different domains of digital advertising guide you through all the possibilities.

Targeted strategies

Do you want to increase the online visibility of your company? Or do you focus on conversion and lead generation? Do you opt for SEA, social media, display or rather an out-of-the-box campaign such as an online game that responds to the gamification of society? Together, we determine the perfect online media plan, plan and manage the campaign and analyse the results afterwards.

Tailored in-depth partnerships

Companies with a well thought-out vision for the future are increasingly asking us for flexible forms of collaboration, with a focus on the long term. This aligns perfectly with how we prefer to work: not for _our customers, but _with our customers.

We rarely think in terms of projects, but always look for in-depth partnerships, where our experts form the missing pieces of the puzzle in your organisation. Together, we examine how their knowledge benefit your company the most: working from our campuses, as an extension of your team at your office, or a balanced combination of both.

Need help taking the right steps in the advertising market?

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