Optimise your content strategy with targeted audits

Discover how effective your content strategy is and how you can tailor your content and its distribution to your target groups even more. Content audits help you make targeted adjustments to increase brand awareness and conversion.

Action-oriented insights

Clear, inspiring, converting: content is bridges the gap between your brand and your target group. Our content audits put the customer first and give you action-oriented insights that you can act upon immediately. A content audit teaches you:

  • which content you are missing;
  • what channels offer new opportunities;
  • how to optimise your strategy;
  • how to reach your target groups even more efficiently;

Specific content audits

SEO audits

Your Google ranking depends on many factors. Our SEO experts turn your site inside out and create a short and long term planning to take both the content and technical functionality of your website to the next level.

Content marketing

Seamlessly following an SEO audit, we check to what extent your content matches the needs of your target audience. We examine whether the division between help, hub and hero content is right and whether your content has enough to convince leads and guide them further through the customer journey.

Content audits

Your content is the direct link to your target group. We check if your content answers their questions and map out content gaps. Our multilingual copywriters ensure the right tone of voice and structure of your copy.

Conversion optimisation

Attracting quite a few visitors to your website already? Then start optimising their user experience before you spend more money on ads that lure even more visitors to your platform. By removing obstacles on the site, you ensure that a visitor can convert with as few clicks as possible. That way, you're sure those extra visitors also yield some money. In a conversion optimisation audit, we benchmark your site with web standards and provide a concrete, tailor-made action plan.

UX audits

In a UX audit, our experts look for ways to improve the user experience on your platform. Visitors should be able to achieve their goals on the site as friction-free as possible, with as few clicks as possible. We check if your service design matches the customer journey. The result of a UX audit is a report that helps you improve usability and therefore your conversion rate.

A closer look at your content strategy

Your texts may be very strong from a linguistic and/or SEO point of view, but they must also be tailored to the (potential) client. Does your communication put the customer first? Are the messages and calls-to-action attuned to the customer journey that leads and customers make? Are content and touchpoints attuned to each other? Our team of strategists is ready for a larger strategic audit that maps and evaluates the entire (digital) ecosystem.

Receive a content audit

Convinced your content could do better? Our experts will be happy to help you identify and address the areas for improvement. Fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.