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Adagio solves the multi-channel CRM problem Blog
Solving the multi-channel CRM problem

Pharmaceutical companies used to sell treatments only to doctors and hospitals. Today, both patients and physicians expect easy access to in-depth drug information, across any device. We empower your sales team to sell more effectively, and deliver better care, with customized content and responsive support for every patient.

Silicon valley marketing trends Blog
Five Silicon Valley Marketing Trends

Silicon Valley is all about CHANGE. And new digital media and technologies, largely driven by Silicon Valley innovation, have definitely CHANGED the roles and responsibilities of marketing departments worldwide.

So we’d like to provide insight into how marketing departments within Silicon Valley are actually using the technology themselves. Here’s Five Silicon Valley Marketing Trends that we see.

blog-Beginning-with-Sonata-Project-structure Blog
Beginning with Sonata Project

Sonata Project is a bundle collection for Symfony to basically make your day-to-day CRUD programming tasks easier. Hooking up your precious doctrine orm models with a backend interface has never been easier!

So let's get started! We are going to build a portfolio system with tags and clients ORM attached to it. First we set up our Symfony project from scratch by running composer:

blog-4-ways-to-optimise-next-projects-front-end-performance-header Blog
4 ways to optimise next project's front-end performance

Front-end developers have a lot of influence on a website's performance. In this article, I will be covering some techniques that will help you optimise your next project.

Developing on rocket fuel Blog
Developing on rocket fuel

Sharing is caring, especially among developers, where the sharing takes form as open-source code and community tools.

Building multiple maps with grunt Blog
Building multiple maps with Grunt

At Intracto we use Bamboo to automate building and deployment of our web projects. All our projects have a comparable directory structure with a Gruntfile in the same location.

what about mhealth Blog
What about mHealth?

Last month, at eHealth Week 2015, the European Commission talked about ongoing and potential future policy actions in the field of mobile health. They discussed three important fields: Privacy and Security, Safety and Transparency and Web entrepreneurs’ access to the market. Read more about the topics they discussed here.

Migrating Apache2 vhost configuration to Nginx

Why we switched?

We run Apache with it's PHP module mod_php by default and it works fine. For some projects we prefer php-fpm to have more control and less overhead.

blog-running_symfony2_on_php_7-php7_fpm_symfony_opcache Blog
Running Symfony2 on PHP7

In a previous article (written in Dutch), I talked about our Vagrant setup and how we use shell provisioning to keep things simple.

For this follow-up article, I wrote a script that compiles PHP7 from source. This script was tested on Debian 8. It compiles PHP7 with all options Debian (and Dotdeb) usually do. You probably don't use many of these options, but now you can easily strip down your configure string and re-run the shell script. It activates opcache, has the MySQL extensions and compiles PHP CLI and PHP-FPM.

Front-end developers Blog
Front-end developers

In our previous blog post, we introduced our back-end developer, Lorenz, who is in charge of the final step of our work flow. But before he can get his hands dirty, a lot of work needs to be done by his colleagues. So in this post, we would like to introduce our front-end developers.

An introduction to Symfony Standard Edition

Last Sunday (Sept. 15) I took one of the many stages at Drupalcamp Leuven for my talk 'An Introduction to the Symfony Standard Edition'. I wanted to introduce Drupal developers to the basic workings of Symfony by way of a demo, as Drupal 8 and Symfony 2 are much more integrated. So a good understanding of Symfony would benefit Drupal devs as well.

blog-dealing_with_e_mail_in_a_development_environment-image1 Blog
Dealing with e-mail in a development environment

If you build web applications, chances are that they will send e-mail. Think contact forms, order confirmations, etc. On a developer machine however, you usually don't want this e-mail to be delivered to a real mailbox. You could use MailCatcher to solve this problem, but there are also other solutions, like using your current MTA in a smart way.

Migrate from svn to git

Git is becoming more popular in favor of svn, as everyone knows. In this post, we'll show you how to easily migrate from svn to git. Make sure (on ubuntu for example) that you have the git-svn package installed. It should be available from your default repositories.

Using Complex Type with Zend_Soap

To be able to use complex types with Soap requests, they need to be fully defined in the WSDL file. Zend_Soap can automate this process, if you know how to define those complex types.

Introduction to Sass

Sass, or Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets, promises us to rid us from annoyances over CSS. And it delivers!

Change folders for Synology media server

When you enable the Synology Media Server on your NAS, there are 3 directories added to your file-system (video, music and photo) which will be used for the DLNA/UPnP media server to play the corresponding files.

I wasn't very happy with these 3 directories because I wanted to categorize my media in other directories. In this post, I will show how I've resolved this problem.

Hacking WEP encryption on Ubuntu

The information below is not intended to harm other people. Cracking other peoples network is considered illegal in most countries!! Last day, my sister called me up because she couldn't connect to her wireless network any more. She was playing with her network connections and broke everything. She didn't know the key for her wireless access point and the access point couldn't be reset because it's on the attic and we couldn't reach it.

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