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influencer-marketing-is-not-all-about-superstars Blog
Influencer marketing is not all about superstars

Which company does not want stars promoting their products? But are stars your best brand ambassadors? They are not necessarily a fan of your brand but are rather paid to promote your brand. There is no denying that, if a famous pop star is wearing your brand of clothing, your sales will explode. But let’s be realistic, this does not come cheap. So, if you are a smaller brand, you cannot afford this.


scoring-models-for-retail Blog
Scoring models for retail marketing

Every marketeer working in retail knows about the RFM model, one of the pillars of marketing in retail. It has been used for many years and is still very relevant in the digital world we live in today and therefor often used in Marketing Automation. We at Intracto have added another.


nature-explorer-customer-journey Blog
Are you still building customer journeys?

Marketing Automation is no longer about squeezing customers into customers journeys. Today, it is the consumer who is in the driver’s seat: he is on his individual customer journey and you as a marketeer should aim to build a maximum of touchpoints with the consumer on this journey.


blog-trek_meer_klanten_aan_met_een_omnichannel_strategie-header Blog
Are buyer personas old school?

Buyer personas are profiles based on analytics of common behaviour, thinking, interactions, paths and characteristics of your customers. They are not a representation of your target group or ideal customer!


Why we think GDPR is a good thing!

Since the new GDPR legislation took effect on May 25, all individual data is much more protected than before. Companies from now on will need your permission to collect, store, process and transfer your data.

selligent Blog
Will Selligent decimate competition?

Selligent has been a leading marketing automation tool provider for years. The new owners and totally reshaped management have now put the bar very high by introducing the brand new Selligent Marketing Cloud Platform in an attempt to reshape the marketing automation landscape.


Marketing trends Blog
3 marketing automation trends to keep an eye on in 2018

Marketing automation is like that proverbial big elephant in the room. You cannot longer ignore it. It’s here to stay and the business world cannot afford to not pay attention to it.

Research, estimations and extrapolations predict that, on a global level, about €26 billion will be spend on marketing automation (and correlated services) in 2018. That’s an astonishing number, and set only to increase in the years to come.

You guessed it, that’ a pretty big elephant.

Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools Blog
Why you should invest in Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools

Starting off with quite a rough but thought-provoking estimation, about 80% of commercial entities invested in sales and marketing automation in the past years. Let that sink in.. EIGHTY PERCENT!

email marketing campaign Blog
10 recommendations to amplify the success of your email marketing campaign

Adagio is going to help you to make the most of your email marketing campaign for your business. As follows, we’ll list several recommendations to amplify the success potential. We’ll not dive too deep into each recommendation, as to maintain a structured list. Nevertheless, if you’d like to hear more about one or two particular topics mentioned in the underneath list, feel free to visit our web page where you can download any white paper of your choice or get in touch with one of our Adagio professionals.

Oracle Blog
Oracle Eloqua collaborates with WeChat

You can definitely consider us to be ‘Oracle Eloqua heavy-users’. As such, we like to give you a heads-up about a new functionality that is now featured in Oracle Eloqua.

blog-how-failure_builds_success-design_matters Blog
How failure builds success

Strategy and design are more entwined than some people think. But what does a digital strategist take away from a design conference?

blog-automatic_critical_css_with_only_twig_and_php-header Blog
Automatic critical CSS with only Twig and PHP

Critical CSS can mean the difference between seeing a page within 2 seconds or having to stare at a blank page for 10 seconds or more.

Google my business Blog
Is Google My Business becoming the new Facebook?

At the start of July 2017, Google introduced the revamped Google My Business. Just like publishing posts on Facebook, users can now also resort to likewise functionalities in Google My Business. Putting it more bluntly, users can from now on post text, images, videos, GIFs and events that will appear in the search results of your, or any other, company.

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Fun fact: 90% of all global data has been created within just the last 12 months. And this astonishing number is ever increasing at an exponential speed. It’s close to impossible to comprehend how much data is actually being released every second. As a result, people are getting overwhelmed. But than how, as a marketer, can you read and analyze all this data about your consumers and your market, making sure you focus on relevancy and efficiency?

Marketing automation Blog
Marketing automation is the way to create trusted relationships

Did you know that human brain activity is significantly more triggered and activated when interacting with a known person compared to interacting with an unknown person? This is, from an evolutionary perspective, because our brain tells us that personalizing is more worthy of our valuable attention. This association can also be extended to and made use of in the business world.

blog-A-casual-intro-to-Machine-Learning-header Blog
A casual intro to Machine Learning

This blog post will explain the main ideas behind machine learning and try to show you why you should care about any of them in the first place.

blog-modules_to_avoid_in_drupal_8-Drupal8 Blog
Modules to avoid in Drupal 8

We've listed a few Drupal 8 modules along with our personal experience and the reason why you should avoid them. Of course, this information might become out of date in a while as modules get updated and bugs are fixed.

blog-clean_url_disappearing_in_drupal_8-Drupal8Intracto Blog
Clean URLs disappearing in Drupal 8

My team and I were a few days away from launching, a brand new Drupal 8 website for a 3D printing company when we started noticing some strange behavior regarding the URL aliases of the nodes.

blog-How-to-build-your-own-CMS-and-why-you-shouldn't-header Blog
How to build your own CMS, and why you shouldn't

For a while now we've been looking for a competent alternative to compete with Drupal. When a client requests a Content Management System (CMS), our go-to-technology has always been Drupal. Lately, however, we've had a growing need for a custom CMS solution.

blog-php_7_1_what_to_expect-php Blog
PHP 7.1 what to expect?

PHP 7.1.0 was released this month, so it's time for a roundup of the most important new features that were added in this release.

blog-5-takeaways-from-#WebSummit-2016-so-far-header Blog
5 takeaways from #WebSummit 2016 so far

For the last 3 days, me and my colleagues have been in Lisbon for Web Summit 2016. It's impossible to write about each and every talk we listened to, but here are our 5 takeaways from this conference so far:

Building a scraper to search for ga.js references

While Google Classic Analytics reaches its end, still a lot of websites are using the ga.js trackingcode to send data to their Google Analytics account.

blog-css_specificity_it_ain_t_as_hard_as_its_pronunciation-css-specificity Blog
CSS specificity: it ain't as hard as its pronunciation

CSS specificity: a concept every front end developer has been struggling with at some point. It‘s usually the reason why your CSS rules don’t apply to some elements, although you explicitly defined it.

Many developers tend to learn CSS specificity by trial-and-error, which often results in the overuse of styling with id’s or with the well-known last resort !important. In most cases these issues can easily be solved by tweaking your selectors so that your code will remain clear.

blog-how_to_save_a_kitteb_by_writing_clean_code-Sad-Cat Blog
How to save a kitten by writing clean code

So you came here to save a kitten? That's wonderful, but the real reason we're both here is to talk about clean code. In this blog post I'll be sharing some of my personal experiences and tips. But before we dive into the tips and tricks part, let's talk about what we, as developers, do and why we do it. 

Proud partner of Web Tomorrow

We are a proud sponsor of Web Tomorrow (June 16th, Ghent). Our experts will provide you information about our services and what we can mean for your company. On top of that, you can participate in a contest where you can win a pop-up team of our experts.

Omni-channel marketing, step by step

As online marketing and consumer behavior are changing all the time, we like to introduce you to our omni-channel marketing paper. It is our Adagio methodology, of which we believe it is an excellent way of organizing your marketing strategy.

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