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Google Consent Mode helpt je om conversies beter te meten. Blog
Everything you need to know about Google Consent Mode

It’s getting harder for advertisers to collect data now that they need explicit permission to place cookies. As a solution, Google launched a new privacy setting: Google Consent Mode. This tool helps you measure conversions while respecting visitors' privacy preferences. In order to do so, it uses two new tag settings: one for analytics and one for advertising.

header-influencer-marketing Blog
How to approach influencer marketing

Not so long ago, influencer marketing made its first appearance. As a full service digital agency, of course, we did not let this go by unnoticed. At first, it was trial and error for many influencers, brands, companies and advertisers. In the meantime, there has definitely been some progress. A great deal has been learned and the market for influencer marketing has become more mature.

email marketing Blog
Innovations in email marketing 2019

Email marketing is a topic with which both consumers and marketers alike tend to have a ‘love and hate’ relationship with. And yet, marketeers should be very wary not to overlook email in their entire multi-channel strategy. According to a Litmus survey, today it is still the channel generating the highest ROI for marketers.

b2b marketing automation Blog
Marketing automation & B2B

Marketing automation and B2C are often considered a ‘match made in heaven’. For retailers with millions of customers marketing automation is an ideal means to communicate with them in a personalised and efficient way. But is marketing automation useful in the B2B market where companies often have only a few hundred customers? We believe the answer is: absolutely!

influencer-marketing-is-not-all-about-superstars Blog
Influencer marketing is not all about superstars

Which company does not want stars promoting their products? But are stars your best brand ambassadors? They are not necessarily a fan of your brand but are rather paid to promote your brand. There is no denying that, if a famous pop star is wearing your brand of clothing, your sales will explode. But let’s be realistic, this does not come cheap. So, if you are a smaller brand, you cannot afford this.


scoring-models-for-retail Blog
Scoring models for retail marketing

Every marketeer working in retail knows about the RFM model, one of the pillars of marketing in retail. It has been used for many years and is still very relevant in the digital world we live in today and therefor often used in Marketing Automation. We at Intracto have added another.


nature-explorer-customer-journey Blog
Are you still building customer journeys?

Marketing Automation is no longer about squeezing customers into customers journeys. Today, it is the consumer who is in the driver’s seat: he is on his individual customer journey and you as a marketeer should aim to build a maximum of touchpoints with the consumer on this journey.


blog-trek_meer_klanten_aan_met_een_omnichannel_strategie-header Blog
Are buyer personas old school?

Buyer personas are profiles based on analytics of common behaviour, thinking, interactions, paths and characteristics of your customers. They are not a representation of your target group or ideal customer!


selligent Blog
Will Selligent decimate competition?

Selligent has been a leading marketing automation tool provider for years. The new owners and totally reshaped management have now put the bar very high by introducing the brand new Selligent Marketing Cloud Platform in an attempt to reshape the marketing automation landscape.


Building a scraper to search for ga.js references

While Google Classic Analytics reaches its end, still a lot of websites are using the ga.js trackingcode to send data to their Google Analytics account.

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