16 January 2018

Why you should invest in Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools

Starting off with quite a rough but thought-provoking estimation, about 80% of commercial entities invested in sales and marketing automation in the past years.

Let that sink in.. EIGHTY PERCENT!

Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools

Given this mind-blowing number, we can obviously conclude that marketing or sales automation are no longer unknown concepts in the majority of sales- and marketing-related industries. And today, that includes almost every single industry you can imagine.

Naturally, amidst the ever-increasing adoption of automation, we notice that companies still struggle to fully fill the gap between their respective Sales and Marketing teams. It’s always the exact same story; Marketing is generating (qualitative) leads, whereas Sales has to keep the process going as soon as marketing leaves off. This way of working obviously entails a certain risk. Putting it more bluntly, the gap is that you’re actually risking to lose leads because of insufficient integration between Sales and Marketing or underperforming processes and tools.

The unique solution to minimize this risk  is to adopt and use Oracle Eloqua Sales tools. This might sound very commercial, but hear us out.

Sales professionals use on average about 9 (!) tools to identify their leads. On the other hand, Eloqua offers 2 sales tools that can do exactly the same as the aforementioned 9 tools, and even more!

I’m talking about Engage and Profiler respectively. These two sales tools are of pivotal importance for any company that’s using or planning to use Eloqua as its marketing automation system of choice.

Engage [Engage with insights!]

Engage is an Eloqua sales tool that allows the sales reps to communicate one-to-one with their Eloqua contacts via email. The major advantage of such a tool is that you’re not longer obliged to repeatedly re-create emails that are often used throughout the sales process of your business. This means that the marketing team can hand off email templates to the sales team that were created within Eloqua.

Advantages for the marketing team

  • Create sales emails at the same moment you’re creating regular marketing campaign emails
  • Control the marketing content your sales team sends out to their prospects
  • New contacts will be automatically synchronized to Eloqua and CRM
  • Emails sent through Engage will be registered in Eloqua, CRM and in Profiler
  • By using a responsive design, you can track every interaction through all different devices always and everywhere

Profiler [Know your buyer!]

Profiler is an Eloqua sales tool which is often used with Engage-enthousiasts. It presents a clear dashboard view detailing all interactions your Eloqua contacts do with your business touchpoints.

This dashboard includes not solely personal details from your contact, but also their individual engagement levels per asset. You can see the amount of emails that have been send, whether the email has been opened or not, the clickthrough, etc..

Putting it short, Profiler enables you to detailly view all contact and lead data, actions undertaken, lead score value, etc..

As a best practice, you should always track your Eloqua web pages or landing pages. If you’re rigorously doing this, you’ll also have the possibility to analyze your web pages in great detail.