16 June 2015

What about mHealth?

Last month, at eHealth Week 2015, the European Commission talked about ongoing and potential future policy actions in the field of mobile health. They discussed three important fields: Privacy and Security, Safety and Transparency and Web entrepreneurs’ access to the market. Read more about the topics they discussed here.

what about mhealth

To get a better insight into the topic of mHealth, we gladly give you an introduction into the concept. The idea behind mHealth (or mobile health) is to use mobile devices in daily practice to support medicine and public health. An example could be an app that constantly measures heart rates of heart patients and that shares this information directly with the doctor, especially when something is not as it’s supposed to be.

Mhealth is actually a sub-segment of eHealth. Whereas eHealth covers the use of ICT for health services and information, mHealth is the specific use of mobile information and communication technologies for improving health. The mHealth applications have more options, for example collecting community and clinical health data, giving healthcare information to patients as well as doctors, real-time monitoring,…

Half-way 2015, it is time we learn to know these mHealth applications. According to a research of Grand Vision Strategy, a San Francisco-based research and consulting firm, the sector will grow to a global market of $49 billion by 2020. That is huge. We believe the future is bright for this kind of apps, but we are convinced that a good regulation is in place. This is what the European Commission must have thought as well, and therefore they discussed this during the eHealth Week last month.

Nowadays, a lot of people already use mHealth applications. You measure how many steps you take a day, but don’t you think it is important your doctor knows this too? These applications can share all valuable information with your doctor. This way, he can better measure your condition and can already determine what steps need to be taken next.

That is what Physicians News already explained: most wearables nowadays are focused on fitness, but they will soon play a significant role in medicine and develop into useful tools for patients and physicians. Something to look forward to!


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