18 March 2016

Solving the multi-channel CRM problem

Pharmaceutical companies used to sell treatments only to doctors and hospitals. Today, both patients and physicians expect easy access to in-depth drug information, across any device. We empower your sales team to sell more effectively, and deliver better care, with customized content and responsive support for every patient.

Adagio solves the multi-channel CRM problem

We implement and configure your multi-channel program using Veeva. We manage all your conversations and all your channels using the Veeva Multichannel CRM, creating the perfect closed loop marketing. Instead of mass e-mail, go for individual approved e-mail with HCP consent. Let sales reps or MSL’s interact with the HCP through real-time web navigation and collaboration. In the end, it’s all about sales force performance and delivering the right meaningful message.

As a certified and Veeva partner we can implement the right Customer Relationship Management tool for you and fully integrate with your marketing automation toolset. Maximum interoperability and connectivity of data are key elements in this process.

Veeva CRM enables life sciences companies to better understand their customers, engaging them with the right content and services, anytime through multiple channels. It allows you to run multi-channel program in sync with the efforts of your commercial teams and provides them with best practices and complete customer insight to transform your customer engagement.

From first outreach and face-to-face meetings to sampling and ongoing education, Veeva Multichannel CRM enables you to seamlessly orchestrate your customer interactions to deliver a personalized experience.

We specialize in integrating your current CRM, marketing automation platform and multi-channel software into one powerful sales force and marketing enhancing experience.

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