14 April 2016

Proud partner of Web Tomorrow

We are a proud sponsor of Web Tomorrow (June 16th, Ghent). Our experts will provide you information about our services and what we can mean for your company. On top of that, you can participate in a contest where you can win a pop-up team of Adagio’s experts.


The central topic of Web Tomorrow is ‘The impact of digital’. At Web Tomorrow, there will be over 50 speakers, carrying out sessions across 3 different stages. The first stage goes about Disruption & Innovation. The second stage goes about the Future of marketing and the third stage is for Belgian Startups.


Disruption & Innovation goes about proposing tangible and specific solutions for the industry. They don’t want to sound the alarm. But as a business, people need to start thinking and innovate in a different way.


What will happen in the future of marketing isn’t sure. One thing we all know is that looking to the future is important. People like CMO’s and marketing executives need to take a look to the marketing in 2017.


At least, there are the Belgian startups. Startups are teaching the big ones a lesson in the development of the marketing. They come up with innovative ideas and new technologies.