10 November 2017

Oracle Eloqua collaborates with WeChat

You can definitely consider us to be ‘Oracle Eloqua heavy-users’. As such, we like to give you a heads-up about a new functionality that is now featured in Oracle Eloqua.


Oracle’s Eloqua, being a prime multichannel marketing campaign orchestration tool, has as main purpose to aid us as marketers to recognize and reach our ideal customers worldwide, based on data.

On the other hand, WeChat is one of the most popular social media mobile applications for brands and business in Asia. WeChat is some sort of a mixture of Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. It has a vast user base of 936 million online users on a monthly basis, of which 5% uses the WeChat app more than 1.5 hours daily. The main benefit for the business world is that WeChat allows to create public accounts where feeds can be pushed to subscribers or followers, so services can be marketed and provided.

How to make it happen

The new feature allows for Eloqua users to send messages to a user with an official WeChat account, which includes subscription and services accounts. When a (potential) buyer subscribes or starts following a business’ official WeChat account, the data will be automatically captured. Users of Oracle Eloqua can subscribe or follow an organization by scanning a QR code. From there on, the company will receive the additional information of the public WeChat profile.

A practical example: A prospective buyer starts to follow the Official WeChat account of an organization and starts to communicate via WeChat messaging. The organization will then be able to track the online behavior and activities of that prospect. Through this approach, you can target and re-target the prospect in a multichannel campaign that is based on their interests in your products and/or services. The sales department will be able to access relevant information about the prospect. Sales can then directly engage the prospect in relevant conversations with the aim of easily convincing the prospect of your services or products.

All activity data will be stored in the Eloqua Cloud, which is a vast positive for the marketer as it will be significantly easier to closely monitor the prospect and view every contact’s digital behavior on WeChat. Engagement decisions can be determined on those behaviors to boost personalization and scoring efforts. The captured data can be used to add WeChat as a possible delivery channel during any campaign.

Summarized, you can now send relevant and personalized messages to your target audiences directly from the Eloqua campaign canvas. The WeChat campaign can be measured via built-in reporting and analytics within Oracle Eloqua.

This new integration will open new opportunities for marketers and consumers alike, albeit predominantly an Asian endeavor. To be continued!