18 March 2019

Omni-Channel Marketing: Step-by-step guide

Being online constantly allows consumers to search any information they like any time they prefer. They compare the products of different brands before they make a purchase. As a result, they can easily see which company suits better their needs. So why would they choose company A instead of company B, even if company B serves a better price?


It is all about the consumer experience today: it can make or break a brand. Consumers always have a certain emotion about the way you treat them. This feeling is very important because they will always remember the feelings they had when they communicated with a company. They remember it even better than what the company said. The personal approach, the personalization, in the customer journey is key in this.

This is a whole new way of thinking for companies. It sounds logical, to put the consumer central but most of the time. However, most  companies still put their product central.

How can you put the consumer central and still be profitable as a company? That is the subject we discuss in our paper about omni-channel.

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